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Maryland depth chart: Four changes for UVA, Brown still listed as starter

Maryland made four changes to their depth chart after the blowout suffered at the hands of Florida State, but none were at quarterback.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Maryland has released their weekly depth chart for the upcoming game against Virginia, with four changes.

  • Nigel King is back on the depth chart, but is listed as Malcolm Culmer's backup on the outside.
  • Zeke Riser makes his first appearance, as Keith Bower's backup at defensive end.
  • That bumps Andre Monroe inside, as he is now Darius Kilgo's backup at nose tackle.
  • With Adam Greene's injury, Brendan Magistro is the backup kicker.

Most notable, of course, is the fact that C.J. Brown is still listed as the team's starting quarterback -- which is at least a promising sign with regards to his injury status. Stefon Diggs and Deon Long, who were also banged up a bit in the game against the Seminoles, are also still listed in their usual starting sopts.