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Ranking the ACC: The top three and everyone else

Our weekly ranking of the incredibly top-heavy ACC. #goacc

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Clemson and North Carolina get back on the board with a win, while Miami (again) narrowly avoids an upset.

1. Florida State (1) -- 7-0 (5-0 in the ACC) -- LW: 49-17 win over NC State

It appears a 42-0 lead at the half is early enough to take your foot off the pedal, eh Jimbo? The Seminoles weren't troubled by NC State as QB Jameis Winston tossed three touchdowns in the first half before getting some rest later in the second half.

Pummeled Maryland 63-0.

2. Clemson (2) -- 7-1 (5-1) -- LW: 40-27 win over Maryland

Clemson tried #Clemsoning this one away for most of the game. They didn't really pull away until the fourth quarter, but the Terps came back for the backdoor cover. Tajh Boyd looked to be injured early on, but settled in for a 300-yard day. Half of his completions (14) went to WR Sammy Watkins.

Beat Maryland 40-27 last weekend.

3. Miami (3) -- 7-0 (3-0) -- LW: 24-21 win over Wake Forest

The Hurricanes keep edging out close victories and eventually that will catch up to them. Oh, they play Florida State this weekend?


4-6. Georgia Tech/Duke/Virginia Tech

If you can figure out how to separate these three, more power to you. Duke hasn't beaten anyone of note except for Virginia Tech. Meanwhile, Virginia Tech beat Georgia Tech and their only other loss is to Alabama, but Duke would probably be considered the weakest of the three. Georgia Tech has even weaker wins than Duke, but has a win over Duke. I don't know.

Maryland heads to Blacksburg on November 16th.

7-9. Wake Forest/Maryland/Pittsburgh

All three have a questionable loss on their record, but have also lost to the top teams. Wake Forest lost to Funroe, Maryland lost to Wake and Pitt lost to Navy. Maryland has injury problems, but the best non-conference win of the bunch. Wake has the best win (albeit over Maryland) and Pitt ... Pitt is probably ninth.

Wake Forest beat Maryland two weeks ago.

10. Syracuse (11) -- 3-4 (1-2) -- LW: Bye

They aren't as good as the tier in front of them, and they aren't quite as bad as the tier below them.


Maryland hosts Syracuse after their bye this week on November 9th.

11. North Carolina (13) -- 2-5 (1-3) -- LW: 34-10 win over Boston College

You won your first conference game!


12. Boston College (9) -- 3-4 (1-3) -- LW: 34-10 loss to North Carolina

Andre Williams averaged 6.6 yards per carry, and yet somehow they only managed 10 points. Oh that's right, Chase Rettig threw for 57 yards on 20 pass attempts.

Maryland faces Boston College November 23rd.

13/14. North Carolina State and UVA

The lowest of the low of our joint power rankings. They are both awful this year. For the sake of argument, 4-6 are like a Voltron. The 7-9 are your combiner transformers, Constructicons, if you will. This 13 and 14 combination is a Power Ranger. They'd definitely get killed by Voltron, and the Constructicons would as well just as quickly. Power Rangers stink in comparison to the other two. It's not even remotely close in my opinion. I'm also embarrassed I wrote a paragraph correlating football teams to combining robots, but here we are.

Maryland beat UVA, and faces NC State November 30th.

The Others:

  • FIU lost to Louisiana Tech 23-17, they are 1-6 on the year.
  • Old Dominion beat Norfolk State 27-24, they are 5-3 on the year.
  • UConn lost to UCF 62-17 last week, they are 0-7 on the year.
  • West Virginia lost to Kansas State 35-12, they are 3-5 on the year.
Do you disagree with the rankings? Should anyone be higher or lower? Or maybe you're a fan of Power Rangers and want to give me a piece of your mind, leave it in the comments.