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Kevin Anderson to be interviewed for Texas job, report says

The Maryland athletic director may be getting interest from other jobs.


Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson will be interviewed for the same position at the University of Texas, the Dallas Morning News is reporting.

West Virginia AD Oliver Luck is the odds-on favorite to get the job, but Anderson and Arizona State athletic director Steve Patterson are also expected to be in the running.

Anderson was hired in 2010 and given a contract through 2015 at just over $400K per year. The Texas job would obviously be able to offer a whole lot more, and is likely one of the top five positions in the country.

He was previously the Athletic Director at Army, where he hired current football head coach Rich Ellerson. Anderson hired both football coach Randy Edsall and basketball coach Mark Turgeon upon his arrival at Maryland, and came under immediate fire from the Maryland fan base over how those coaching searches occurred (and in the public manner that they did). Both coaches have shown improvement from year-to-year (with some backlash from the fanbase for the speed of that improvement), and have recruited at a much higher level than their predecessors.