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A History of Maryland's Basketball Uniforms

A new twitter account recently gave a visual history of Maryland's basketball uniforms. We take a look and how they've changed over the years.

Jason Szenes

Recently, a new twitter account came into existence, called Terrapin BB Uniforms (@UMD_Uniforms), came into existence and provided us with a nice visual history of Maryland's basketball uniforms. For your viewing convenience, we've captured some of the highlights below.

We'll start with Maryland's current uniforms:

Taking a look at these actually made me realize how many versions of the basketball uniform Maryland now has. And while I love some of the older versions, I really like the white Maryland pride uni and the white ops version. Speaking of older versions of the uniform... Pretty awesome picture of Gary Williams from back in his playing days:

Here is a look at how the uniforms appeared in the late 60s:

Check out that Maryland script:

What do you think about the UM on the shorts leg?

Love the waist on this version of the uni:

Anyone else really like this version?

Starting to get closer to the more modern uniform:

These numbers are HUGE:

Getting close to my favorite version of the uniforms:

Definitely my favorite version of Maryland's basketball uniform. If they do end up playing a game in Cole yearly, I hope they'll wear a version of the uniform similar to this:

So which one is your favorite? Go check out Terrapin BB Uniforms on twitter, as they have a ton of additional pictures for your viewing pleasure.