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Maryland Stock Report: Levern Jacobs is so hot right now

Like Hansel, he's so hot you could fry an egg on him.

Joe Robbins

Levern Jacobs. So hot right now. Levern Jacobs.


Stock Rising:

WR Levern Jacobs -- Clearly this guy is leading off our stock rising category. Jacobs posted a huge day in the absence of Stefon Diggs and Deon Long. He took full advantage of his opportunity going for 158 yards on eight catches with a touchdown. Jacobs had a 71-yard touchdown to open the game up and surprise the Tigers.

RB Albert Reid -- I've been critical of Albert Reid this year, but his play was much improved when given the opportunity to get more than a handful of carries. His 4.7 YPC was significantly better than what he has averaged this year. (Note: I originally figured this taking out his longest and shortest run, but didn't mention that -- it was 4.4 YPC)

LB Abner Logan -- Logan was highly recruited coming out of high school and (you're probably sensing a pattern) took advantage of his opportunity with added playing time. He logged a career-high 15 tackles with one TFL.

LB Cole Farrand -- He had a team-high 23 tackles, a total that was the highest by an individual defense player since DL Joe Vellano had 20 tackles against Georgia Tech.

Stock Holding:

LB Marcus Whitfield -- He had seven tackles (one for loss), a forced fumble and a sack. He's been steady all year, and continues to be a force for opposing teams offensive line's to deal with.

QB Caleb Rowe -- Unfortunately, we don't have a walk-off. Rowe isn't dropping -- yet -- but he did struggle on Saturday and was informed that C.J. Brown would be named the starter for the Syracuse game on Nov. 9th. He struggled to begin the second half, and while his final stat line wasn't great, he's still acclimating to the college game. He's a gunslinger, remember? These things happen.

Stock Dropping:

The Offensive Line -- While Reid had a good day, he could have had a better day. Caleb Rowe also was pressured into an awful second half. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills every Monday that I have to keep putting them here.

WR Malcolm Culmer -- Where Jacobs stepped up to the challenge, Culmer had a couple of drops. Culmer Will Likely retain his starting spot after the bye, but he'll need to keep up with Jacobs and King if he wants to see targets.

The Second Half Plan -- I don't know what it was, but it clearly didn't work. I hope someone is a better eugoogalizer than I am for whatever that was. Rowe was 2-for-18 at one point. I understand they were down, but a Reid run couldn't have hurt.

Who do you have rising or falling this week?