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Maryland ranked 44th in preseason Ken Pomeroy rankings

Basketball season draws nearer, and KenPom has the Terps ranked ninth in the ACC.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Noted basketball stat person Ken Pomeroy has released his preseason ratings, meaning the basketball season is that much closer.

The Terrapins rank 44th in the preseason list, which feels fair, if a little low. Below Providence, Boise State and Kansas State and above Cincinnati, Illinois and St. John's, Maryland has a lot to prove but can easily move into the Top 25 with a win over Connecticut, ranked 11th.

That 44th ranking has Maryland eighth in the loaded ACC, which is led by Duke (sixth), Syracuse (ninth) and North Carolina (tenth). The Terps would be ninth in the Big Ten, which is led by Michigan State (second) and Ohio State (seventh).

The Terps are projected to be a balanced team, ranking 48th in adjusted offense and 44th in adjusted defense. Their Pythagorean winning percentage is projected to be 80.4%, which would have them winning around 25 games.

Maryland plays Catholic University in the season-opening exhibition game one week from today -- that's Sunday, November 3.