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Q&A with ESPN's Ed Cunningham

We had the chance to ask the ESPN analyst, who will be covering Maryland's game Saturday against Clemson, some questions about the Terps, ACC and conference realignment.

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Many thanks to Ed for taking the time to answer some questions about Maryland and the ACC with us. We hope you enjoy them.

1. What do you think about Maryland's move to the B1G next season? Do you believe they will be able to achieve success in the Big Ten?

EC - I'm not a fan of the move. As someone who grew up in the DC area, and know quite a few Terps grads and fans, I feel Maryland moved away from the region that defines its most ardent supporters. As far as 'will it be a success?,' I think that has to be considered from a global, all sports standpoint, and only time will tell there. 

2. The ACC seems to be one of the top football conferences this season. Do you think they can maintain that success and if so, does that change your view on Maryland's conference move?

EC - I think the reporting that the "ACC is dead" after the most recent conference shifts happened was terribly misleading. In fact, I think with the country's population bases heading towards the sun, the ACC is built to be very competitive nationally, with significant football brands - FSU, Clemson, Miami, Virginia Tech - that bring recognition value along with solid competition from every school.

3. Do you think Maryland will build and become a viable program with their partnership with Under Armour?

EC - I think this is almost all based on wins and losses, ultimately. What happened at Oregon is the model of what you would hope to accomplish, but they had to win and win consistently at the major bowl/BCS level before it mattered. Maryland is clearly making a statement with this partnership that they want to be elite, and if they can get there on the field, which they have in the past, then I do think they can become a new, meaningful CFB brand name. It is a great school in a great city. 

4. Can you remember a team in recent memory that has been as decimated by injury as Maryland has over the past two seasons?

EC - Unfortunately, yes. We just covered Cal for the past 2 weeks, and they have had as many as 12 starters - including several of their best players and leaders - lost for the year. But, both of these schools injury issues are terrible. It stinks to see so many student athletes get hurt, especially with so many needing surgery and long rehabs. 

5. What does Maryland have to do to beat Clemson on Saturday? Is there a way Maryland can beat the Tigers with the numerous starters who will be out due to injury?

EC - If Maryland can make some plays early...I know this sounds any fashion - long TD pass, blocked punt, INT returned for TD - Clemson is going to have to decide quickly if they are here to play. Make no mistake, Clemson embarrassed themselves last week under bright lights that they helped create. If Maryland, who is not as depleted as you might think after 3 years of really hard recruiting, can make Clemson question themselves for a while, I think the Terps could hang around. And, they have enough athletes left to make a few plays, which helps.

Thank you again to Ed and ESPN for taking the time to do this segment with us.