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Maryland Minute: 10.24.13 - Plans to develop University golf course dropped

After floating the idea of developing a portion of the University's golf course, the developer announced on Wednesday that he's abandoning the idea following backlash from a number of state officials and alumni.

Mitchell Layton

Maryland developer drops plan to build ‘academic village’ at U-Md. golf course - The Washington Post
Good. This would have been a terrible plan/decision, in my opinion, so I'm glad it appears to now be off the table. I just hope President Loh doesn't try to get someone else to rehash the project.

Maryland assistant coach Dalonte Hill crashed his vehicle into a wooden electric pole, police spokeswoman says -

So it sounds like Hill crashed his truck into a telephone pole and refused to take a breathalyzer test.

Terps freshman center Damonte Dodd carves out role as ‘high-energy guy’

I know a lot of people are focused on Roddy Peters this season, but I think you all are going to be surprised about Dodd. The kid is going to be good. You'll see flashes of it this season, but all see how he's still developing as a player.

Aaron Taylor Gives His Thoughts On Maryland Football And The BCS 13 Member Panel « CBS Baltimore

Aaron Taylor, former OT for Notre Dame, talks about Maryland's season and how Randy Edsall has worked to convince his team that they can overcome injuries.

We've talked a lot recently about a basketball game returning to Cole Field House, and I expect we'll see that next year, but we might also see two other teams playing in Cole in the future:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>UTEP coach Tim Floyd just announced Miners will play Kentucky in rematch of 66 game in 2016 possibly at Maryland on Martin Luther King Day.</p>&mdash; Darren Hunt (@dhuntabc7) <a href="">October 23, 2013</a></blockquote>

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In case you don't know, the Texas Western-Kentucky National Championship game was held in Cole in 1966 and carried a lot of significance for the Civil Rights movement, as Texas Western started five African Americans against Kentucky, the first time any team had done that in an NCAA championship game. It was a very significant game and it would be nice to see that rematch happen at Cole.

And for your throwback Thursday, here's an article about how a court declared Duke the worst team in College football back in 2008. The best part? Duke's attorneys were the ones making the argument!