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Maryland Holding Secret Scrimmage Against Villanova?

It appears Villanova will be traveling down to College Park to take on Maryland in a "secret" scrimmage.

Streeter Lecka

The folks over at, SBNation's Villanova blog, said that the Wildcats will be traveling down to College Park for a "secret" scrimmage, per a report by ESPN's Jeff Goodman. This normally happen around this time each year, when two local teams who aren't scheduled to play each other, will agree to meet and scrimmage, outside of the public eye, so they can learn about where they stand before the season officially starts. The NCAA actually requires that when participating in such scrimmages, neither team can discuss them publicly nor can it be open to the public. As a result,  no stats are kept for the game, nor is there a standard clock you'd have in a typical game. Thus coaches don't necessarily follow a normal 40 minute, two half format. Former Virginia Tech coach Seth Greenberg actually gives a great breakdown of the scrimmages in this ESPN Insider article. Basically, these events give each team a chance to see what they still need to improve on, how rotations might shape out, the experience of playing on the road, etc.

The real question in all of this is where will it be play? I'd assume Comcast, but how awesome would it be if they held this in Cole? Perhaps they could use this opportunity to have a true trial run to make sure that they could hold a future game in the former home of Maryland basketball?

Regardless, it would be awesome to be a fly on the wall during this scrimmage. Since they don't track stats, the most we'll possibly hear from this event is that one player dominated or another player struggled. But any info that comes out, which isn't likely to be much, if anything, won't be very meaningful since we don't know what type of rules and conditions each coach used for the scrimmage.

I think we all just really want basketball season to tipoff so we can see this team in action.