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Maryland Minute - 10.14.13 - Analyzing Deon Long's 47-yard catch

Re-visiting "the play' from Saturday, Long's 47-yard catch on a throw by Caleb Rowe.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Oral History: How Maryland converted on 3rd-and-22 | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
CSN talked to players about the Hail Mary from Rowe to Long and breaks down how it all happened.

Maryland-Virginia postgame: Backup QB Caleb Rowe summons enough magic to lift Terps
Rowe talks about how he told the team he'd make the botched pitch up to them right before the big play to Long.

Terps defense held strong in red zone during Virginia victory
Maryland's defense made the stops they needed to in the red zone on Saturday.

Countdown to Hurricanes Hoops, ACC Point Guard Edition - State of The U
The folks over at State of the U have a nice breakdown of the point guards in the ACC. Definitely worth a read. -Dave

Terps' receivers Stefon Diggs and Deon Long proving 'they are going to be able to make some plays' -
TE Dave Stinebaugh put it best: "They make crazy catches week after week."

KASINITZ: Four takeaways from the Terps' 27-26 win over Virginia - The Diamondback : Football
Breaking down four of the most important things you can take from the win.