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TT Staff Roundtable: On to the next one

Our weekly feature at Testudo Times. We answer the biggest questions of the week... or vent about losing 63-0.

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Q: The loss last week was depressing. Feel free to use the space to vent.

Pete Volk - Luke Zimmerman made fun of me for how angry I got at the SB Nation offices during the game. There was stomping involved.

Dave Tucker - I'm pretty sure I tweeted "9jnq3698jhg98nq3498hy98n1346890mnqrg98hq346 #Terps" on several occasions last Saturday. My thought process through the game went like this:

1st FSU TD - Crap. That was waaaaay too easy. If they don't make adjustments on D, we could be in trouble. We really need a strong drive on offense to answer this. Even if we just get 3.

By 3, I didn't mean 3 and out, offense.

Our D looked much better that time. There is some hope if our offense can do something.

Our offense looks worse then it did against WVU. Not good.

Come on, our D has held them twice now. Can we PLEASE keep them off the field and have a nice drive?

Damn it...that field goal just missed. But that drive was still waaaaay too short. With our secondary as beat up as it is, we can't lose the time of possession battle today or things will get ugly.

Another 3 and out. Way to go D! We're still in this.

We can't run. At all. That's...not good.

Ugh. Our D is getting tired and we can't stop them on 3rd down. We're not getting any pressure. This is bad.

*replay shown*

Ugh. 21 nothing.

I don't know if I'd just take a knee here. They get the ball to start the 2nd. Why not send Diggs and Long on fly routes and bring in Rowe to just launch some deep bombs? We're in trouble, regardless.

Oh boy. That TD is probably the game.

Oh crap we can't stop them.


Drink to the Terrapin! All bold hearted men! We have no fear of hell, for we're loyal friends and fellows...

I hope we don't give up 80.

Keep throwing, Jimbo. Jerk.

Time to go to Home Depot, maybe Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Alex Kirshner - I decided to get over that loss quickly as soon as the score got to, like, 50 or so to nothing. I'm about as interested in looking back at that ordeal as I am in trying to tackle Jameis Winston in the backfield.

Todd Carton - I'm not going to vent because though I'd been bullish on the Terps for their schedule to that point I had a sense that they weren't quite ready for prime time and that FSU was better that their showing against BC. I wouldn't have been surprised by a 3 touchdown loss. I just couldn't bring myself to write that in a prediction (and by the way, the language in my lack of prediction last week was meant to ironically refer to the government shutdown). Like my feeling about FSU against BC, I have no sense that MD is as bad as they showed last week.

Brendan Darr - The worst part about it was the Florida State trolls that came out of the woodwork on social media. A lot of people claiming Florida State allegiance when they never had previously. I. Hate. That. I also hate losing by 63 points and having a quarterback knocked out.

Q: C.J. Brown is doubtful to play, do you want him to play if he's not fully healthy?

PV - Absolutely not. Concussions are a serious deal, and it's more important that he's recovered in time for the road game and Clemson.

DT - If he's not 100% recovered from his concussion, I don't want him on the field. Case closed.

AK - Not in a million years, and I'm glad the Terrapins seem to agree. I have a theory that almost every football player ever would play through a concussion if given the chance, just out of pressure and a sense of duty to the team. But there's no reason to put the long-term mental and physical wellbeing of an athlete at risk, even if it's the biggest game of the season (which this isn't, by the way). Brown should sit out until he's been fully cleared by the best concussion doctor available, and then be cleared again. Concussions stink.

TC - No. No. And No. Don't mess around with concussions.

BD - He's the key to the entire offense. Even still, I want to put him in bubble wrap and not let him out until he's fully healthy. The quarterback for my favorite pro team came back from injury too quickly, and look what happened there. If he's not 100%, don't play him.

Q: Do you expect Brown to play?

PV - Nah. Doubtful=25% chance of playing, and the Terps and I are "full of doubt" he will.

DT -I'd say there is a better chance of us getting every call in our favor when we play Duke in Durham then there is of Brown playing vs. UVA.

AK - The injury report says "doubtful," so I'll assume he doesn't play.

TC - Again: No. No. and No.

BD - I don't expect Brown to play, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did. I know doubtful means 25%, but people have played with the doubtful tag before. A loss would be disastrous and while I think Caleb Rowe can be good in the future, he's not C.J. right now. C.J. is vital to the offense and the coaching staff knows that, so if C.J. is 85-90 percent, maybe they play him.

Q: Clemson is in three weeks, do you expect another loss before that game?

PV - I do not! Maryland could lose either game -- Virginia has a ton of talent and Wake has a combination of experienced offensive weapons and an incredible playmaker at nose tackle, but the Terps should win both contests.

DT - Well, it depends on how long Brown is out. Assuming we're fine against UVA, which I think we will be, and C.J. is back against Wake, I think we're 6-1 when we play Clemson.

AK - No. Virginia and Wake Forest are both inferior to Maryland, even if Caleb Rowe or Perry Hills is under center. They couldlose in Winston-Salem, but I don't see it happening.

TC - Probably not but I'll reserve judgment until I see how the team responds with Rowe at QB when they're more settled emotionally and the first team has had a week to practice with him.

BD - I don't expect them to lose either game, but that was with C.J. Brown at QB, no Brown makes me worried this week.

Q: Game prediction:

PV - Maryland 27, Virginia 13.

DT - I think Rowe gets the ball downfield to Diggs and Long and Maryland's D rebounds from a tough day last week. Maryland wins 34-17.

AK - Maryland 20, Virginia 13. I had this as a two-touchdown game when it looked likelier that Brown would start, but the Terps still have the talent to hold off a mediocre visitor.

TC - Terps 24 UVA 13.

BD - I still think Maryland is winning this game with or without Brown, but it will be much closer without Brown. Terps 23, UVA 16.

What do you think about the game this weekend? Does Brown play?