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Maryland Minute - 10.10.13 - Juan Dixon says 'no' to Peters wearing No. 3

Dixon nixes the idea of Roddy Peters wearing No. 3; Turgeon feels Layman can be "something special"

Mitch Stringer, USA Today Sports

Terps legend Juan Dixon said Roddy Peters couldn't wear No. 3 jersey -
Remember when Peters was going to wear #3, but a week later switched to #2? That's because Juan Dixon nixed the idea of him wearing #3. Seriously. -Dave

Now a confident sophomore, Terps' Jake Layman has 'a chance to be special' -
Turgeon on Layman: "He can really shoot it. He has worked hard on his ball handling, his passing, his decision making, like all our players have. He’s gotten a lot better defensively, he’s gotten more physical. In the end, he’s gotten more confident. It’s great to see. He’s got a chance to be special."

Maryland offensive line looks to hide its intentions better after Florida State loss
FSU's D was going to be a challenge, but giving away if you're running or passing before the play made it near impossible to succeed on offense. -Dave

Terps women's basketball team hopes for clean bill of health this season -
Women's basketball's Media Day was yesterday and the team is a LOT healthier this season and ready for a big year.

Maryland basketball to host open practice on Oct. 12
Heads Up: The Terps are going to host an open practice at Comcast at 10am this Saturday.

Getting To Know Maryland Point Guard Seth Allen
Terrapin Station profiles Seth Allen.