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Maryland Terrapins-Florida State Seminoles GameThread: 2-0?


Preview here; game tips at 8:00 on the ACC Network (affiliate list here) and ESPN3. As always, please no links to streams.

Mark Turgeon says Nick Faust is a go, by the way, so unless he's playing some mind games - a decidedly un-Turgeonian tactic - or Faust cramps up, which isn't impossible, Nick'll be on the court. If he is, I assume he'll be starting.

Random, Baseless Prediction: Florida State gets called for a technical at some point during the game.

Prediction: I still feel a little uncomfortable with huge doses of optimism when Maryland faces a legit opponent, just given how unproven they still are. Still, I'm finding it tough to do anything other than like their chances against FSU, which is long and athletic but still lacking in execution and consistency. There'll be one game when all of Maryland's big offensive weapons - Alex Len, Dez Wells, Seth Allen, Faust, Layman, Logan Aronhalt, Charles Mitchell - all have an off day, and they'll lose a game like this against a mid-tier ACC team. I'll assume that's not today, though, especially because FSU hasn't shown themselves to be defensive masterminds yet again. Terps by double-digits.