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Stefon Diggs gets first major award, named to FWAA Freshman All-American team

Yes, this post is just one big excuse to post a bunch of Diggifs. Hey, it's been like two months.

Rob Carr

That headline should read second - or maybe even third - major award, but, well, Maryland's still in the ACC and you know how these things go.

Of course, he was never getting left off a national list like the Football Writers' Association of America Freshman All-American team, and thankfully he didn't. At least some people out there still watch some college football.

Strangely, his spot came at "all-purpose" instead of receiver, but given his impact as a kick returner, giving him an all-purpose designation is a nice way to recognize everything he did for Maryland instead of pigeon-holing him into one little thing. And ohhhh did he do a lot.




And hell, even:

Two more years, my friends. Enjoy him while we can, even if the gifs are forever.