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Maryland Terrapins-Virginia Tech GameThread: Kicking off the conference

ACC games mean ACC GameThreads. Everyone's a winner.

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports

This is it. The season. The real season. No more cupcakes. No more directional schools from Indiana. This is the first real game in over a month, only the second or third real test for this team. (Depending, at least, on your view of Stony Brook.) Let's find out what they're about.

Pete's preview. Tips at noon on the ACC Network* - affiliate list here, but you can watch online on ESPN3 and (no blackout on that one, I believe).

Random, Baseless Prediction: Today's leading scorer for Maryland? Seth Allen, with 14. A quiet 14, but 14 nonetheless.

Prediction: Erick Green drops 24 and Virginia Tech leads in the second half, but Maryland takes advantage of a Tech cold spell and runs off a quick 10-0 run midway through the second. They never look back and win by a comfortable margin.

Guessing Game: Who scores the first Maryland points of ACC play, and when and what is it? I say Dez Wells with a layup at 19:44.