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PSA: Terp commit(s?) and targets in tonight's Under Armour All-American Game...but no announcements

The good news: for the second year in a row, there's an actual reason to watch these high school football all-star games. Last year at the Under Armour All-American Game, there was Mike Madaras and Wes Brown; this season, Maryland fans will be entertained by future Terp Derwin Gray and top targets Yannick Ngakoue and Na'Ty Rodgers. Been awhile since you could say that about one of these things two years in a row. (All hail Locksley.)

The bad news: contrary to what had been planned, four-star offensive lineman Rodgers - who was down to Maryland and South Carolina and planned to announce his choice at the game - has delayed his decision and won't be announcing at the game. So the waiting continues.

I say bad news because that would've made the game a fair bit more interesting, but in truth it isn't necessarily all bad. He's long been considered a South Carolina lean, though it would appear that Maryland's made a late run, perhaps partly fueled by the move to the Big Ten. That late run has turned some heads, with Rivals' Mike Farrell in particular calling him to Maryland. Obviously, if he was right on that and Rodgers would've picked the Terps, it would've been nice to get it out of the way. But usually a delay works in favor of the team making up ground, and right now Maryland is that team. (Unless, of course, he takes an official visit to South Carolina between now and Signing Day, which he still hasn't done.)

Even without the announcement, the game's still worth a watch to catch a glimpse of the future, especially if you like linemen. Gray, Rodgers, and Ngakoue are all on the white team - Nitro, they're calling it. That'll be especially interesting for Gray and Rodgers, given that they're tasked with keeping Robert Nkemdiche under control. That's one quick way to figure out a lineman's limits.

Anyway, the game kicks at 5:00 on ESPN. For those looking for an open thread, this is it.