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Snaer's game-winner sinks Terps in heartbreaking fashion, 73-71

The Terps were 1.1 seconds away from a big win, but instead will home back home to College Park with disappointment and even more questions.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Snaer did it again, but this time it's the Maryland Terrapins he leaves heartbroken.

The Terps came into their game at Florida State at a crossroads and even if they did not perhaps need a win, it certainly would've been a very welcome event. And they came 1.1 seconds away from getting it.

After a back-and-forth barnburner of a second-half, including plenty of lead changes and two massive shots by Dez Wells, which gave the Terps a three-point lead heading into the final ninety seconds. Snaer cut that lead to one before the Terrapins had a chance to nearly ice it, working an alley-oop to Alex Len that the Ukrainian just couldn't finish, which gave FSU and Snaer one final chance. Snaer's made his living off beating buzzers, and he didn't miss when it counted, giving FSU a 73-71 win and sending the Terps home just short.

Full disclosure: I missed the game, thanks to the ACC's apparently NASCAR-based media hosting solution. I'll watch it tomorrow and have a few more thoughts. But I can't share too many thoughts about what happened, so I won't. The floor is open to you in that regard.

Big picture-wise, this doesn't sink Maryland. Not entirely. They had a margin for error with their final schedule. That margin for error is gone, but the path itself is still valid. They just need to win a lot of games from here on in.

And they're still capable of that, it would seem. Is it likely? Heck no. But they played well enough to win this game, it sounds like, on another day. And this team is better than their ACC record would indicate, I think. I didn't see the game, which means I'm probably either a) not as well-informed as some of you, or b) much more level-headed. Maybe both. But, although this loss hugely hurts, the sky isn't falling. Not yet, at least.

More later, once I actually, y'know, get to watch it. Now? Vent. But please, as level-headedly as possible.