The rumor about Hopkins lacrosse to the Big Ten

For those who have not heard the rumor yet, apparently Johns Hopkins lacrosse is apparently considering joining the Big Ten ... or possibly some other conference.

From Johns Hopkins Weighing Big Ten, Other Conference Options; No Imminent Decision (thanks to HawksNation for the link, which unfortunately was posted in a never-to-be-seen FanShot).

Also of note are two articles from the blog (which is part of SB Nation). An older one from January 17th: Conference Realignment: Inside MD Sports Grows Johns Hopkins-to-the-Big-Ten Rumor and this one posted on January 30: Conference Realignment: Johns Hopkins is Actually Thinking About Joining a Conference.

My presumption is that part of the benefit to Hopkins, other than being in a lacrosse league, would be membership in the CIC. If this happens, I don't know whether there really is a strong benefit to Maryland lax, as the Terps play Hopkins all of the time anyway. My assumption so far has been that Maryland will be a lax independent when it joins the B1G.

But if Hopkins lax joined the B1G and the conference began sponsorship of a lax league, it would have six men's lacrosse members (Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Rutgers, Maryland, Hopkins) which makes the conference receive an automatic bid for its champion (not that Maryland usually cares about an auto-bid anyway).

Any thoughts?

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