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Maryland Terrapins-Florida State Seminoles GameThread: Take Two


Tip is at 8:00 in Tallahassee, with ACC Network* coverage for the locals and two online options for the out-of-towners. The first: ESPN3, which is subject to the usual blackout/ISP restraints. The second:, which is not. Of course, the ACC sometimes says a game is live online when it's actually not, so, y'know. Here's hoping. Anyway, Rich Waltz and Corey Alexander on the call, which mean's we're getting a third-rate Network*'s second-rate team. Hoorah.

Random, Baseless Prediction: Alex Len three-pointer!

Hey, if he's the answer to our point guard problem, he needs to develop that outside shooting.

Prediction: I did the preview today so it's a little repetitive, but it's an interesting contrast: both teams are losing games, but Maryland seems to be coming together while Florida State seems to be falling apart to some degree. The key is going to be finding a ballhandler who can keep turnovers down, which has been the key for seemingly forever now. If they can do that, it might be an easy game. If not, well, it'll be ugly, but Maryland will still have a shot. I'm calling the latter, with plenty of turnovers but a 13 and 12 game from Alex Len driving Maryland on.

Guessing Game: Charles Mitchell's combined point and offensive rebound total? I'm saying 11.