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Maryland Minute 1.28.13: Looking back at Duke, ahead to FSU

Reviewing what the Terps' loss to Duke means, but more importantly how they'll respond to it. Plus: Mike Locksley teases you on Twitter, the Lady Terps double up Clemson, and C.J. Brown's progress continues.

All aboard the Chuckwagon.
All aboard the Chuckwagon.
Streeter Lecka

The first link o' the day: if you haven't read it yet, go check out Ben G.'s Four Things post from last night.

Analyzing Maryland's loss to Duke - Sun
One thing Turgeon said really rings true:

It seemed like every time we'd kind of get close, they would drain a 3. The one thing we do is guard, and we didn't guard today.

We fans complain a lot about Maryland lacking an identity, but I think they found one, ever since ACC play started: they'll play mean defense and happily scrap it out, aesthetics be damned. And people don't necessarily like that identity - we want baskets and running and excitement - but it's one that fits this roster and this team. Duke, unfortunately, was just better at offense than Maryland was at guarding.

Charles Mitchell continues to shine on Tobacco Road
The Crazies' chant toward Chuck: "Please don't eat me." Uh, sorry, Crazies, but I think that's fantastic.

Anyway, Mitchell was his usually energizer bunny self, doing some serious work on the boards and getting any number of garbage buckets, even if still needing to improve offensively with post moves and defensively. But hey, when you need energy and buckets, Chuck can get 'em.

More on the Allen suspension
He arrived late to a team meeting, and the team voted on the punishment. This is the third time a player's been punished with playing time for a disciplinary issue. (See: Layman, Jake; Mitchell, Charles.) Notice something else: they're all freshmen. That's not a coincidence.

Lack of effort, execution, doom FSU at Miami - Tomahawk Nation
Uhhhh oh. Hey, Miami. Stop blowing teams out just before they play us.

But the good news: FSU seems to have completely lost themselves since beating Maryland a few weeks ago. This is a game that, to be honest, Maryland really should be winning, if they're the team that we generally seem to think they are.

WBB: Terps double up Clemson, 80-40
And what's really impressive? They did with Alyssa Thomas playing a secondary role, with Tianna Hawkins dropping a double-double and Katie Rutan going for 16.

Hmmm: Locks posts strange, encouraging tweet
"The movement has begun," he says, with a #DMVtoUMD hashtag following it.

Do tell, Mr. Locksley. Do tell.

(And yes, this is me reading way too into it, but did anyone else raise an eyebrow at "the movement has begun" wording? Yannick Ngakoue solo isn't a movement. I wonder if there's anything they're trying to cook up with high-level flips that just aren't apparent yet.)

CJ Brown running again
Wonderful to hear. Even if he doesn't end up starting, having him healthy is good for the team and, most of all, great for him.