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Maryland Minute 1.25.13: Lady Terps trounce #11 UNC while men prep for Duke


One day 'til Duke. Can you feel it?

Payback is Sweet: Terps Stomp Heels 85-59
FHFAN's recap of WBB's big win over UNC, who had beaten the Terps in Chapel Hill earlier in the year. Given the continual injuries, that's an impressive victory. It seems like things are really starting to come together for this team, and they'll be a dangerous one if they keep improving.

Turgeon says Duke is going to be "ready to go"
That's always the thing, isn't it? You never want to get a team on the back of a blowout, because odds are they'll be dialed in and focused and, well, ready to go. Especially when it's a transition from an away game to a home game. And especially when K's the coach.

There's a good chance he's right, but a slim chance he's wrong, too. Duke's young this year, relatively speaking; without Ryan Kelly, three of their top seven are freshmen. They've lost two of their last three. They're still trying to figure out how to play without Kelly in the lineup. Is it possible that they turn on the jets and show everyone what they can do? Sure. It's also possible that if - and it's an enormous if, surely - Maryland can come out and challenge them early, they'll be in danger of losing confidence or folding. Duke's a basketball team just like any other, after all.

Video: Terps Insider chats with Jake Layman about Duke and his hair
First of all, those are awesome practice jerseys.

Second: SUUUUUNNNNNSHINE. What a lush mane.

Third: is it just me, or does it seem like Layman has a confidence about himself these days?

Good news: Melo Trimble is lighting things up for O'Connell
Put up 33 on Saturday before throwing up 31 against Good Counsel. He's averaging 19.5.

Bad news: can't play on Saturday.

Neutral-site league games in B1G future?
In football, of course. And it's not a new thing for the Big Ten, which has tried it before, but it's odd how much the ADs are talking it up. I'm virtually certain we'll see Maryland do it, probably to FedEx, at least a few times when the likes of Ohio State or Michigan or Penn State come to town. It's just economic sense, because those schools will fill up far more than Byrd, so it's worth milking it. They won't do it consistently, but once every two, maybe three years? Wouldn't be surprised at all. This whole thing was about getting the books balanced, and throwing in an extra million or so in gameday revenue only helps that cause. Hopefully, though, it's not a long-term thing.