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Maryland Minute 1.24.13: Jake Layman's push for a starting spot

Plus: Duke gets taken out back by Miami, Indiana's building a pipeline, and more.

Bill Bride

Ah, that wondrous old debate about Jake Layman's starting spot. Except, I suppose, it's becoming less and less of a debate every day.

Jake Layman: starter?
Funny thing is that Turgeon says the reason he got the nod is that he's "superstitious", which I guess is one way to look at it. The other, of course, might be that Layman is actually better, because he's more dialed in to the game, when he starts, but hey, whatever works.

Anyway, if you read Turgeon's quotes about it, it definitely reads to me like Layman's one of the guys on this team he genuinely has faith in and truly likes, which points - to me, at least - to him probably becoming a starter, as he deserves to. One of the interesting facets to it is that Layman is definitely one of Turgeon's guys in a way that no one, save perhaps Seth Allen, approaches. Turge went after him hard when no else so much as knew his name, and there's some loyalty to be expected in that, both ways. I wouldn't be surprised to see it manifested in a starting spot, with Layman rewarding the decision.

Of course, I expect it to help Maryland, too, and that's what really matters.

Sadly, doesn't solve the point guard question.

Well, that was fun: Miami takes Duke to the woodshed
Best team in the conference? The Hurricanes, pretty obviously. And now Duke has to seem quite beatable, no? Oh, sure, they'll be angry. And K is great at coming off these big losses. But they'll also be confused, and they're young enough that they might be a little jaded, too. Saturday just became a lot more interesting to me.

Tom Crean, Indiana bolster D.C. recruiting pipeline - WaPo
Bit of a sad state of affairs that this happened - not that it's happening now, necessarily, but that it did. Indiana has no real inherent connection in the DMV, and even if Crean says nice words about the quality of ball in the DC area he's really just saying what he has to. The reason Indiana ended up with a major presence here is that there was a vacuum of power when Maryland was at its recruiting nadir, and they swooped in to fill it. Now they're an established force and Turgeon's going to have to go head-to-head with them for kids they really want. See: Morgan, Dwayne. And potentially Marcus Derrickson and Bryant Crawford, too.

Maryland women’s basketball even more shorthanded for game vs. North Carolina - WaPo
Game's on Thursday night, and it's legitimately a must-watch. (Maybe even GameThread material.) But talk about short-handed: Maryland will probably run with a rotation going all of seven-deep, now that Tierny Pfirman is out for four-to-six weeks.

InsideMDSports: Dion Wiley enjoyed recent trip to Maryland
Maryland's still recruiting him, but I don't think they'll push heavily until Rashad Vaughn figures out what he's doing.

Meet Maryland tight end commitment Andrew Isaacs
Isaacs cut tore his ACL his junior year, and a lot of big schools stopped recruiting him after that. Maryland didn't.

Hey, last time something like that happened, it worked out okay.

Dinich's report card of 2012 Maryland football
Well, not Dinich. Dinich's sidekick. But the blog is Dinich's, and that's what I'm referring to. Anyway: F on offense, B- on defense, D overall. Assuming this isn't curved, given the quarterback disaster, that's fair. Of course, a curve might've been a little more fair, as the figures are absolutely useless as it stands.

Top brother duos in college hoops history - ESPN
Hold up. We actually sayin' the Hansbroughes are better than Bernard and Albert King?