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Maryland Minute 1.23.13: On Terps' grinding style and confidence boosts


Maryland needed a win and got a win. Not much to brag about it, but I'll take it.

Postgame: Beating Boston College provides confidence boost for Terps
I sympathize with a lot of what Turgeon's saying, and I think the win over Boston College will get overlooked by a lot when it really shouldn't. The good news is that with Duke on the horizon, no one's likely to oversell this game to themselves, which I think did happen after N.C. State, even on the roster and coaching staff.

Get used to Terps' grind-it-out style
Well, this is true:

"Our guys believe in their defense," coach Mark Turgeon said. "Pretty soon we’re going to start believing in our offense."

But even once Maryland starts getting shots to drop, I think we're seeing Turgeon go back to his identity a bit. And that's okay: I'd trade a high-scoring offense for an identity at this point, to be honest. For Turgeon, that identity has always been ugly, defensive, somewhat slow basketball, but it's effective and it's proven effective here at times, too. Ideally it would be more exciting and run'n'gun, but wins come first.

Another note at this link: Dez ran some point, as you may've noticed. I was wondering if that might be a medium-term solution while Maryland and Turgeon figure their point guard situation out. Still am.

N.C. State loses, get court stormed
New tradition: whoever beats N.C. State, storm the court. Just because. Shame that UNC's next on the docket, because they'll never do. But it would be a clever little thing to get on State's nerves.

But the reason this is in the MM: State is still Maryland's only quality win, and it looks less quality right now. As always, State's a team with talent that will show up some days and not others. It's odd to be rooting for them, but you kind of have to at this point.

Oh, and Kentucky lost to Alabama, and now might not even be a tournament team themselves. That non-conference schedule gets weaker.

Dan Monteroso decommits from BC, considering Maryland
Ohio wide receiver, just visited Purdue and will visit College Park this week before deciding. He was BC's highest-rated recruit in the class, and poaching both him and Isaac Andrews - who was previously BC's highest-rated recruit - would be a bit of fun. The Terrapins surprisingly abandoned wide receiver recruiting after Taivon Jacobs and Paul Harris went elsewhere, and I always thought they could use another body there in this class. Monteroso isn't a dynamic athlete, but he's 6-3 and has a huge vert, which makes him a dangerous downfield threat, something that the Terps will lack once Stefon Diggs moves on.

Randy Edsall to host Google+ Hangout on National Signing Day
Great! Now if only people used Google+ ...

Still, good to see him and the program reaching out, I suppose. Would be a bit more fun if Randy were an interesting character, but that problem isn't exactly new.

Turgeon and the Turgeonites
Or Turge Surge, or whatever they're calling themselves these days. Whatever: it's awesome.