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GameThread: Maryland Terrapins-Boston College Eagles

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

I really wish there was a word that meant something just short of "must-win." Because this would be the perfect time to use it. I imagine it's German.

No, Maryland does not need to beat Boston College, strictly speaking. But if they lose, it's probably time to kiss the postseason goodbye, more or less. And lest you think I'm just being dramatic, check to see what BC's done as of late: they lost to N.C. State by only five; beat Virginia Tech handily on the road; had a bit of a hiccup against Wake Forest (a reminder that they're not actually good, only pretending to be); then lost by only a single point to Miami. If Maryland doesn't show up to this, they'll be in trouble.

Yes, I'm nervous. I feel like I shouldn't be nervous, and I'm bit ashamed at myself for actually being nervous, but here it is. I'm a little concerned.

Game tips at 9:00 on ESPNU. Tom Hart and Len Elmore(!) on the call.

Random, Baseless Prediction: Nick Faust and Seth Allen get in foul trouble late in the first half, and Dez Wells runs point in their place.

Also, Logan Aronhalt finally makes a shot again.

Prediction: Layman starts, drops 14 in the first half. Terps struggle in the second half, especially when Ryan Anderson gets hot and leads BC on a quick little 8-0 run. But Maryland's the better and more athletic team, and that'll be enough to win the day. Terps 68-62.