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Maryland Minute 1.21.13: Da'Shawn Hand visits College Park, Terps trailing Morgan hard

Recruiting updates, Maryland's offense, and more in today's Maryland Minute.

What do we do when the present is feeling a little "meh"? Turn to the future, of course.

Da'Shawn Hand visits Maryland
There's only one sentence above the paywall here, but it's a doozy: Da'Shawn Hand, the top-ranked player in the class of 2014, visited Maryland over the weekend. That's a big deal, even if he did just recently name a top five that didn't include the Terrapins.

That said, rumors are there about a transfer to Friendship Collegiate, which would be a big factor for Maryland, and he's a local guy. I wouldn't be surprised if this ended up like a Ronald Darby/Wes Brown type of recruitment, with public favorites other than Maryland and everyone writing UMD off, only for them to hang around quietly until the end. Win some games next year, and who knows?

SBNRecruiting: Terps likely to land Ngakoue and Rodgers?
That's what our resident expert Bud Elliot thinks. I'm not so convinced that both stay home, but landing one - preferably Ngakoue, but either would be delightful - would be a big deal. The optimism is encouraging.

Maryland, UNLV, Indiana recruiting Dwayne Morgan hardest
Good to hear that Maryland's in that top three, because so often they haven't been in the recent past. Indiana's terrifying as far as competition for a local kid goes, but UNLV isn't all that worrisome. And hearing that Mizzou isn't all that high up there is good news, too. Wonder if this ends up at Maryland-Indiana dogfight.

Morning review: Terps need to figure out offense
No kiddin', huh? I'm not sure I buy this theory that the guys are putting out publicly, which is to say that the offense will get there and execution is fine. I'm not saying that they should anything else, mind; just that it's the company line and not necessarily the truth. The offense has been anemic ever since the Virginia Tech game; even the second half against UNC was more mediocre than lights-out, but everything that preceded it was so poor that it seemed fantastic.

At some point you've got to start looking at it as a structural problem. Is that now? Maybe not, but if not, it's definitely getting closer. Boston College will be interesting, but given that they might be the ACC's worst defensive team, there's only so much you can glean from even that.

Think happy thoughts: Alyssa Thomas drops 28 and 10 on Georgia Tech
Things were a little up and down early on the year, but the women's team seems to have solidified themselves pretty well in the midst of the ACC schedule. Helps when you have Alyssa Thomas and they don't, of course.