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Maryland Minute 1.18.13: Faust passes point guard test, plus more new unis

The Nick Faust point guard experiment seems a success so far, a new Maryland Pride variant, more pain for N.C. State, Big Ten divisions, soccer, and Will Likely puns. It's the Maryland Minute.


Long live the Faustface!

Maryland’s Nick Faust passed test at point guard - WaPo
Sounds like they're gonna give him another go there, and I'm pleased with that. Pe`Shon still got more minutes at the point, and in an ideal world Nick would probably run it as close to full time as possible. But I understand giving him only about 15 minutes there, given that it is still early days for him.

But it seemed obvious to me what Faust at the point brought to both Faust himself and Maryland in general. He seems so much more responsible when he's running the show, forcing less and yet still asserting himself on the game more. That makes Maryland better, but it also frees up Allen to be off the ball, where he was hugely impressive at times. (Funny thing about it is that Allen's the playmaker of the two, even off the ball, where Faust is more of a Howard-type of guard, a pivot who gets the offense into sets but doesn't necessarily control the game. It's an odd pairing, but then Maryland had a similar (if kind of reversed) situation with the Greivis-Eric Hayes lineup, where the point guard duties were almost split between two players.)

Terps unveil new black Maryland Pride unis, will debut against UNC
They're...exactly the same as the others. Only black.

Based on the renderings we saw earlier, you expect some gold ones at some point, too.

Now, if only UNC actually had a team worthy of wearing special uniforms against...

Prisbell: Terps can beat anyone, lose to anyone
Not that Pris' opinion matters much, but he's a national guy now and that means that he's an opinion-setter, or at least opinion reflector. For what it's worth, Nicole Auerbach's opinion - that they can beat anyone but will grow out of being able to lose to anyone - strikes me as a lot more fair and accurate.

WBB: Lady Terps crush State, 82-62
2013's been a good year for Maryland taking down N.C. State. I've quite enjoyed it.

Will Likely enrolling today, will be around for spring practice
We knew this, but it's still awesome news. Maryland needs cornerback help so badly that I think he could see immediate playing time, maybe even significant time.

And with that, I got through an entire Will Likely mention without a single pun. That will likely not ever happen again.

Oh. Drat.

ESPN throws out some B1G division ideas
Adam Rittenberg goes with my preferred alignment: East and West, throw Wisconsin and Illinois to the West and move Michigan to the East. There's a similar idea from the other fellow, though with an odder, less geographic division.

With all the talk about it, though, I'm starting to think that there will eventually be some changes here. And that's good news.

Two Terps go in first round of MLS SuperDraft
Left back Taylor Kemp stays local and will play for D.C. United, which is a good spot for him due to their relative lack of fullback depth. John Stertzer was the first Terp off the board at #12, going to Real Salt Lake. That's a bit less good, given the amount of bodies RSL has available to fill those midfield roles. You don't want him getting frozen out, and there's a decent shot of that happening given everyone already ahead of him. Hopefully he can find some minutes, because he's a talented guy who could be a fixture in the league at the right place.