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Maryland Minute 1.17.13: Len's game-winner and the great court-storm debate

Before we get to the links, let's take some time to bask in the glory that was last night's win and watch Alex Len's game-winner - embedded above - a time or seven.

Here's an interesting question, though: was it a pass from Pe`Shon Howard, or a shot? The stats say shot, Mark Turgeon implied that it was a shot, but it was a mile away from going in and Howard says it was a pass. It's virtually irrelevant, given that Len hit the shot and Maryland won anyway, but I'm starting to wonder if maybe he was taking the shot until he realized C.J. Leslie was coming over from the weakside and tried to alter it into more of a pass toward Len. Like I said, pretty much irrelevant but curious nonetheless.

Postgame notes: Breaking down Maryland’s game-winning play
Turgeon stresses that he wanted the ball to go inside, instead of settling for another jumper. The idea was to get an iso for Len - something not called nearly enough this season, if'n you ask me - but it fell apart, and instead Len ended up setting a screen for Logan Aronhalt. Once that proved ineffective, Turgeon's emphasis on getting the ball inside got Howard to drive, and the rest is history.

I am, by the way, entirely giddy that a very basic mistake from Leslie, one that's been obvious in his play since high school, is why N.C. State lost. He sells out on blocks on the weak-side, which leads to men left open for dump-offs or easy boards underneath - think Ekene Ibekwe in his youth. Crazy thing is that State doesn't seem to care; they're talking about "losing the game by a fingertip" and "if C.J. had only gotten a hand on it" instead of saying "if he hadn't sold out for the block." Odd bunch, them.

Don Markus on the court-storm
I'm weary of the whole thing already; it's just terribly overblown, as if it has any type of actual impact on the program. Looking at it objectively, it was unnecessary, probably a little unwarranted, and over-the-top, but who cares what I think (or anyone else)? You don't want it to turn into an everyday thing, for obvious reasons, but it hardly did anything aside from giving a few people on the internet something to complain about. Markus seems to concur.

Len, Maryland turn tables on NC State
Lovely bit of irony: Dereck Whittenburg, the guy who launched the shot in 1983 that was tipped in by Lorenzo Charles, was in College Park yesterday. It's a wonderful piece by Dana O'Neil, who has a habit of churning those out, and well worth a read.

The Howard-to-Len alley-oop
I'm not sure if this play was drawn up, but if it wasn't, it needs to be done more often. Beautiful play.

IMS: Terps target Obi Enechionyia living up to his billing
Always an interesting thing, Obi vs. Dwayne Morgan, given that they're so similar and both locals. Obi's offer list is growing exponentially as he gets more exposure, perhaps making this a Harrisons-Roddy Peters type of thing. Either way, interesting that he says Dustin Clark, Turgeon's director of basketball operations, is recruiting Obi most, along with Bino. Gary never really used his DoBO as a recruiter or a coach; Turgeon seems to use Clark as the fifth guy on the staff.