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Maryland Minute 1.16.13: Maryland Pride basketball unis unveiled

Plus, in today's Nonsensical Statement of the Day, Coach K asserts that Maryland will be outsiders in the Big Ten.

Pride unis, a K-Gary spat, plus a bit of football recruiting to tide you over until tonight. If you're looking for a preview, it's here.

Terps unveil Maryland Pride uniforms, will debut against N.C. State
I don't know about you guys, but I think I prefer them to the leaked renderings we saw earlier. The shorts are the same, but the shoulder patches were removed and instead there's just the patches under the underarm. Much less busy. Of course, less recognizable, too. Will be interesting to see them in person, either way.

Not a fan of that "Whack the Pack" hashtag, though.

Coach K says Maryland will be ‘outsiders’ in the Big Ten
You've got to wonder just how detached K and the rest of the Tobacco Road folk were from the reality of what Marylanders thought about them and their conference when they say stuff like this. Sure, there have been great times in the ACC, but I don't know of anyone who thought Maryland was anything but an outsider; the answer to K's "what price is paid?" question is "almost nothing, thanks, because that was the case already." And the funny thing about it, too, is that he paints it as a "current business decision" and implies that egotism was a factor, as if floundering in debt and under austerity measures for the next decade would have no impact on the well-being of the department and quality of life of it's student-athletes.

Seriously, read the whole thing. The combination of self-serving willful ignorance, naivety, and hypocrisy is just delightful.

Truth be told, I've been waiting for K to come out with stuff like this for ages now. He's been pretty tight-lipped about realignment, which has hurt Maryland's cause; the people driving this for Maryland want figures like K, Roy, and Debbie Yow - enemies of the fanbase - to speak out against it, because that'll rally fan support. Fans have mostly come around to it anyway, but a little shepherding never hurt.

Gary's response: "What we did was for the future of our school"
A bit of righteous indignation would've been fun, but Gary and K are friends so that was always off the table. But a reminder that the "AC" in ACC sometimes stood for "All-Carolina" and that the Big Ten is a money printing press? They'll do me okay.

Meet Maryland offensive line commitment Derwin Gray
You have to love guys like Derwin who want to create their own path, but in hearing what he's saying, you're almost definitely hearing Stefon Diggs and maybe even Mike Locksley under it. What Diggs did - give guys like Gray a role model, in that staying home can be cool - can't be overemphasized.

Maryland parts ways with DT recruit Demetri McGill
Because, at least officially, the team docs don't trust his PCL. Given Maryland's luck with knees, not sure I would blame them on that. A source at the Sun is apparently saying that he won't get admitted to Maryland - he'd qualify for the NCAA but not for Maryland's own, slightly higher standards - and that's why the offer got pulled. Don't know. Either way, Maryland could really use some depth at nose guard, given that Kingsley Opara still seems like he could decommit at any moment.

Jay Williams says Cole was his toughest road game
Hm? You don't say.