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Maryland Minute 1.14.13: Talking Miami fallout

Panic button?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The MM is returning as ACC play gets into full swing. I just wish the first one back wasn't so depressing.

Charles Mitchell passed over for Spencer Barks for "in-house punishment"
Turgeon says it was for an "immaturity issue" and won't go any farther than that, but he says he regrets doing it because he's going to get punishment in practice. I know proving a point is something coaches like to do, but when the season's in the balance in a difficult road game, it might not be the perfect time to try it.

Should Maryland be concerned about its NCAA tournament resume?
What's beyond "yes"?

Maryland has the talent to play their way into position to grab a bid to the NCAA tournament with Len and Wells leading the way. But if Faust and Howard don’t turn things around the Terrapins’ resume will become far more bothersome than the nuisance it currently is.

I think that's borderline optimistic, given how Maryland's played as of late. (Not to mention that Len and Wells are as much at fault as Faust for the way things have been.) There are no quality wins on the docket to this point, and the only way they're going to get one is by pulling an upset on N.C. State or Duke. Saying they have a resume at all right now is something of a stretch, to be honest. Maryland might or might not be a tournament team, but right now it's just as valid to ask if they'll even be legitimately in the conversation come March. Because that's not certain anymore at all.

Did fans overlook Terps' youth? - Barker
Well, sure. But then we also overlooked their lack of a point guard, their inability to run an offense when placed under pressure, and Mark Turgeon's strange coaching patterns so far this year. None of those things exactly encourage me.

Morning review: Growing pains becoming more apparent each day
It's a traditional "it sucks but it's not time to press the panic button" type of piece, which is probably right but hardly persuasive. After all, we can all say that Turgeon tried to temper expectations, but I'm not sure how true that really is: look at his quotes after the Virginia Tech game, about the freshman finally "being ready," and tell me he wasn't getting excited too, regardless of how that fits the narrative. This is quite a worrying spot to be in, "panic button" time or not.

Terrell Stoglin: This year's Maryland team "a joke"
I don't think there's any question anymore that this team would be better, perhaps much better, with Terrell Stoglin on the roster. And I've never stopped being a shameless Stoglin homer. But he doesn't make it easy, does it?

Think happy thoughts: meet Deon Long
His nickname is Feon. No, I don't get it either, but, like much of what Deon Long does, it's still awesome.

Think happy thoughts: Alyssa Thomas destroys Virginia Tech, wins espnW Player of the week
Any shot she could suit up for the men's team?