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Good News: Maryland Madness to be Featured on ESPNU

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

There's no way they'd do this without having something super-awesome lined up, right? Right?

With basketball season around the corner, ESPN has announced that on-site coverage will be provided at Comcast Center as part of its Oct. 12 Midnight Madness coverage on ESPNU.

Len Elmore, a 1974 Maryland graduate and three-time all-ACC center, will be the live commentator checking in from College Park, part of the show's "whip-around" segments.

And by super-awesome I most certainly do not mean a student dunk contest, athletic department.*

It's only whip-around stuff, so by no means does this mean the student dunk contest stuff is out of bounds; ESPNU just won't show that. Or maybe they will, if it's actually entertaining - for the wrong reasons, of course. (Make sure not to faceplant, guys. That'll be on SportsCenter for sure.)

But it does mean they plan on having something worth actually showing. Which means ... rapper cameo? Real dunk contest? Particularly cool scrimmage concept (alumni coaches?)? I don't know. Hopefully it's not the student dunk contest, though.

In other news: in case you didn't hear, the Harrison Twins decided to attend Big Blue Madness (ie, Kentucky's MM) for the second year in a row. Except then they didn't, and then they really didn't.

No one has any idea what's happening there. Like I said last time, just buckle up and enjoy the ride. And pray for an entertaining Maryland Madness this time around.

*I genuinely fear they saw a consensus of "No extracurriculars, especially no student games. A dunk contest is okay, though," and thought "Student dunk contest!" No. No students. REAL dunk contest. With Dez and Faust and Len.