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Maryland Minute 9.19.12: Terps Preparing for WVU Schemes

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Perry Hills readies for West Virginia's "50 defense"
I can't really make heads nor tails of their thought of going with a 50. That refers only to the front, really; it's more of a 5-2, but even past that it's really quite similar to a 3-4. The outside 'backers are just closer to the line and more toward the DE side of the DE/OLB hybrid. At least, that's when it's done properly. But looking at WVU's depth chart, I can't believe that they have the size to pull that off. If they try to push guys who go 230 or so that close to the line of scrimmage, I don't care about how quick they are, they should get run over in the ground game. I'll be really interesting to see this in action; it's a rare scheme.

Terps DC Brian Stewart used to the Air Raid
It's what he faced every day in practice when he was at Houston, of course. There are quite a few differences between what was run at Houston (now Texas A&M) and Holgorsen's look, but a little familiarity can't hurt.

Hey, at least the West Virginians from Maryland think this is a rivalry game
But then again that's probably because they're from the area. And with any luck, there'll be pretty few Marylanders at WVU in the future.

Five questions with West Virginia OC Shannon Dawson - Terrapins Insider
A lot of coach-speak, but he gives Dexter McDougle some unexpected plaudits. Guess he didn't watch the W&M game, then, but it's still a good sign I guess.

InsideMDSports: D.C. QB Will Ulmer likes Terps' local flavor
Ulmer is one of two big-time local QBs in the 2014 class along with Baltimorean William Crest. Land one of them, and there will be a substantial domino effect. There always is with quarterbacks.

Maryland basketball drops new kicks, features Baltiflage everywhere
The rise of Baltiflage seems to herald the end of Terraprint, but that's a discussion for another day. These are the women's shoes, but I imagine the men's look the same, and if so they jibe with what we've seen of the Maryland Pride unis. Quite like the striped laces.

North Carolina Coach Roy Williams Has Tumor Removed
Good news is that he's okay and should be coaching this year and in the future. Still, this is the sort of thing that drives somebody into retirement if it holds up. Hope ol' Roy's alright.