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Harrison Twins Shock No One, Name Maryland and Kentucky as Leaders

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As far as big news goes, this falls well short of bombshell status. After all, it's been generally accepted as common knowledge for upwards of a year now; they're - or rather, their father is - just making official what's been rampantly speculated.

But hey, I'm not going to complain about it.

I don't for a second believe that thing about SMU, by the way. Someone there is calling in a favor - maybe Larry Brown himself - and they're just doing whoever that is a solid. This lets SMU sell themselves in the future as having been in the top three for the Harrisons, and that'll make them look more attractive to a lot of people. It probably would've worked better if it was a flat top three, but everyone knows it isn't and it looks like Papa Harrison laid on the disclaimer just a bit a little too thick. This is a straight-up 50-50 battle. (Oh, and I guarantee Kentucky fans will use this exact same reasoning - the Harrisons doing Bino a solid, even though stringing them along is doing them the exact opposite of a solid - to rule out Maryland.)

This is all assuming the decision hasn't already been made, as we assume it hasn't. But I wouldn't be at all surprised if it has been; this has been a Maryland-Kentucky race for months now, and absolutely nothing has happened, save the addition of Dez Wells for Maryland, that would change the dynamic for either one. They've been saying they "probably" know who it is for months now, and unless Mrs. Harrison overruled it based on the in-home, I'd guess that it's still that mystery school.

But of course we have no idea who that mystery school. Just that it's either Maryland or Kentucky. And I have no idea which is more likely. I'd like to say Maryland, but I wouldn't be surprised with either option. Handicapping this race, unless Mr. or Mrs. Harrison or the Twins themselves told you specifically where they were going, strikes me as a fool's errand.

Just buckle up, enjoy the ride, and hold on for late October. That's my plan, at least.