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Maryland Debuts New Football Helmets, Tweaked Uniforms

Today is Maryland football's media day, which means Randy Edsall and a few players are being trotted out to give platitudes to the media. But that's not all that's been trotted out: the new football uniforms have been debuted!

Update: high-res press shots via UA:


Original, Blurrycam shots post-jump:




First, the good news: names will be on the back on the uniforms this year. The blowblack from that last year was a bit overblown, but it's still a welcome change. Having names is cooler than not having names, and it's a hell of a lot easier to identify who's who.

Another good note: the uniforms themselves have been cleaned up a bit and added a few nice touches. First, no gradient on the numbers, which is clearly a bonus. It appears they've added the Baltiflage design to the undersleeves and also tweaked some of the piping, both of which I'm in favor of.

But. Those. Helmets.

Some will like them, and if you do, more power to you. But I always thought the shellmet and stealth black looks were killer, especially with the flag stripe down the middle. That was only part of the uniform that didn't need tweaking. And not only did they tweak it, they blew it to hell and started over. And the end result is, in my opinion, much worse than the original. Cartoonish. Far better ways to work the flag in.

But hey, maybe they'll look better in non-Blurrycam. And I'm sure the other helmets are being retained; these seem to be alternate looks, so we should only see them a few times a year, if that. And as I always say, these ain't for you and me. If recruits and players like them, then mission accomplished.

A round-up of actual news coming eventually. One on one interviews at the official site are live here, for those interested.