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Brandon Ross Goes Down, Albert Reid to Start at Running Back for Terps

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I see the injuries gods are still toying with us, then.

Ross was slated to have somewhat of a surprise season after beating out Justus Pickett, Wes Brown, and Reid for the starting gig, and the coaches apparently really liked him. If there was any spot Maryland could probably afford an injury it's at running back, but goodness the hits just keep on coming.

The real surprise here: Reid, not Pickett, will start. That's a surprise because it was Pickett who was listed as the #2 on the depth chart, and logic would dictate that he'd just get the bump up. The most likely reason as to why: Pickett will be the third-down back (which he really, really should be) and was listed as the #2 out of respect for his seniority, but Edsall/Locksley/Powell have no intention of him being an every-down guy. Or maybe Edsall was playing mind-games with the freshmen, trying to leverage depth chart spots even though they're already ahead of Pickett, and this forced his hand. Or maybe Reid just really impressed the staff this week. I don't know.

Anyway, expect to see plenty of Reid and Brown, with some Pickett thrown in on third-downs as well. Though some may not want to admit it with Pickett in there, that's a very balanced group, with a well-rounded and dangerous feature back (apparently Reid), a change-of-pace (though in the opposite direction with the more powerful Brown, who should also do short-yardage), and Pickett coming in with his hands and pass-blocking ability on third downs. If everyone here is what we think they are, this should still be a strength, Ross or no Ross.

Seriously, though, the injuries have to stop at some point, right? Now in addition to Maryland's starting quarterback, defensive end, strongside linebacker, strong safety, back-up strong safety, and depth at left guard and defensive end, the Terps lose their starting running back, too. Life isn't fair, man.