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Four-Star Tight End Andrew Isaacs Switches Sides, Drops BC for Maryland

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It's a big week in basketball recruiting for Maryland, but the first big news comes from the gridiron instead: Andrew Isaacs, a tight end committed to Boston College, has switched his commitment to Maryland. And hey, he looks good: Rivals has him as a four-star player and the #203 player overall in the country. Not too shabby.

Given Maryland's serious need for tight ends, this is a pretty substantial commitment. Three of their top four tight ends will graduate this year, leaving them with only the unproven options of Dave Stinebaugh, P.J. Gallo, and perhaps Daniel Adams as well. Isaacs will add immediate depth and another relatively big name to their recruiting class.

The scouting services aren't exactly consistent with his rankings, though: he's a three-star on the other three major services, very nearly a two-star on ESPN. The variance is pretty strange; perhaps through coming updates it'll even out a bit. But Rivals is saying what I want to hear, so I choose to believe them.

Anyway, Isaacs looks a fairly well-balanced tight end, occasionally lining up as a receiver for his high school team but also contributing as a blocker. He doesn't look like he has game-changing speed or elusiveness for a tight end, but he has a very good frame and what look like solid hands. He makes most of his catches in the short or intermediate range, not necessarily stretching the field too much, though it looks as if he could do it from time to time. He seems to have solid physical tools, so it'll be interesting to see him develop in time.

Isaacs is commitment #19 if you don't count Deon Long as a transfer, and, going by Rivals, their fourth four-star prospect (and first non-local four-star). Maryland doesn't have a lot of space left, so it's a relief to see one of the few remaining spots go to a position of need instead of, I don't know, another linebacker.

Highlights are here, for the cinema buffs.