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Profiles In Terpage - A Countdown To The Football Season: Levern Jacobs

A recurring series where we will profile every player on Maryland's roster, counting down to kick-off against William & Mary on September 1. Thanks to OBNUG for the idea.

Today we profile an incoming wide receiver.

Levern Jacobs, Freshman, Wide Receiver, #8




Height: 6'0"

Weight: 180

Major: Criminal Justice

Twitter: None that we could find

Collegiate Stats: N/A

High School Stats (Senior Year): 15 catches for 289 yards and six touchdowns (eight games)

Recruiting Ratings: Three stars by Rivals, Scout, ESPN (#12 in MD., #78 WR), two stars by 24/7 (#27 Prep, #5 WR, #6 in Ny,)

High School: Suitland

Hometown: Temple Hills, Md.

High School Highlights:

How'd He Get to College Park?

Levern Jacobs was a mildly-hyped, three-star prospect coming out of Suitland, where he was a big-time receiver as well as being a member of the baseball and track teams. He accepted a scholarship offer to Marshall, but went to the Milford Academy in New York to prep for a season first.

While at Milford, he was offered a scholarship by Randy Edsall, which he accepted nearly immediately. He enrolled last spring, went through spring practice with the team, and has put himself in a good position to play right away as a Terp.

Jacobs' younger brother, Taivon, is a big-time wide receiver recruit out of Suitland who has committed to Ohio State.


Levern "Don't Call Me Shirley" Jacobs

Career Highlight:

Game-winning touchdown reception against C.H. Flowers during his junior year.

Career Lowlight:

Being committed to Marshall.

Dream Season:

Jacobs plays immediately, making an impact on special teams and catching a few passes.

Nightmare Season:


2012 Prospectus:

Levern Jacobs finds himself at a higher position on the depth chart then just about every other true freshman on Maryland's roster - second at the "A" wide receiver position, behind senior Kerry Boykins and in front of walk-on James Bowman and some guy named Stefon Diggs.

The good news for Jacobs - he enrolled early and spent a year at prep school, meaning he's more experienced than his fellow incoming freshmen and has half a year of extra experience in the offense. Additionally, Bowman shouldn't pose much of a threat, and Boykins has been frustratingly inconsistent in his career.

Now, the bad news (for Jacobs, at least). Stefon Diggs. He will let nothing come in his way, and expect him to tear up the depth chart quickly.

Up Next:

Our next player is the greatest thing to happen to Maryland football and just America in general in quite some time. Let's do some trivia (note: you still have to name the player, as obvious as it may seem).

1) Who was the last five-star recruit to commit to Maryland (before our next player, of course)?

2) Which two players hold the Maryland records for receiving yards and catches as a freshman?

Terpsfinish gets his second.


Maryland1206 - 9

Terpsonfire - 8

kbuts151 - 6

Dirty_Terps - 5

bubbasparks - 4

ClickClack62 - 3

Terpsfinish - 2

T Free - 1

Mdak06 - 1

clevesanterp - 1

CSB Jack - 1

curterp - 1

Everybody else - 0