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Profiles In Terpage - A Countdown To The Football Season: Walk-On Wide Receiver and New Walk-Ons

A recurring series where we will profile every player on Maryland's roster, counting down to kick-off against William & Mary on September 1. Thanks to OBNUG for the idea.

You guys, I was all set to do today's Profile in Terpage, on walk-on receivers James Bowman and Regis Whittington, when Maryland up and released the fall depth chart, with Whittington on defense. Gasp you should.

So instead, we're going to go through James Bowman, the new walk-ons, and all the defensive walk-ons that we missed.

James Bowman, Junior, Wide Receiver, #85; Regis Whittington, Junior, Cornerback, #24; Ty Tucker, Freshman, Defensive End, #78; Brendan Magistro, Freshman, Kicker, #12; Christian Carpenter, Freshman, Long Snapper, #59




Heights: 6'0", 5'11", 6'3", 5'10", 6'0"

Weights: 180, 190, 265, 180, 205

Majors: Regis Whittington's major is family science. The rest of them are up to your imaginations.

Twitters: Whittington: @LIVEwithRegis Magistro: @OGMagisbro Carpenter: @CapCarp

Collegiate Stats: N/A

High School Stats (Senior Years): Tucker had 68 tackles (15 for a loss) and seven sacks. For Whittington, we're not sure if it was his senior year (looks like sophomore) but we found a season where he had 37 tackles (14 assisted), one sack, two forced fumbles, two interceptions and five passes blocked. Bowman had five tackles his senior year. Magistro made six of seven field goals and seven of nine extra points.

Recruiting Ratings: Tucker gets two stars from Rivals, but that's it.

High Schools: Fairmont Heights; Garnet Valley; Walkersville; C. Milton Wright; Brentwood Academy

Hometowns: Capitol Heights, Md.; Garnet Valley, Pa.; Walkersville, Md.; Forest Hill, Md.; Brentwood, Tenn.

High School Highlights:




How'd They Get to College Park?

We don't really know much about any of these guys, but here goes.

Bowman went to Fairmont Heights, where he played defensive back and wide receiver. The Hornets went 0-10 in his senior year. Whittington joined the team last year as a defensive back, not playing in any games, moved to wide receiver in the spring, and then back to defensive back before fall. Tucker was a two-star defensive tackle recruit out of Walkersville who was offered by a host of FCS schools, including Bucknell, Georgetown and Lehigh, and chose to come to College Park as a preferred walk-on. Magistro was an all-county kicker at Wright, and we know basically nothing about Carpenter.


James "Archer" Bowman; Regis "English" Whittington; Ty "TT" Tucker; Brendan "Magisbro" Magistro; Chris "CC" Carpenter. They can't all be winners, folks.

Career Highlights:

Being above the true freshman on the depth chart!

Career Lowlights:

The realization that will change in about one week.

Dream Seasons:

Garbage time against William & Mary.

Nightmare Seasons:

No time at all.

2012 Prospectus:

We're going to go in order here.

Bowman is at the third wide receiver position, behind Kerry Boykins and true freshman Levern Jacobs (or possibly his evil twin Levern Jacbos, but we'll assume that's a typo), and in front of best-anything-ever Stefon Diggs. For those of you confused about that arrangement, Jacobs/Jacbos enrolled early and played in spring ball, which is an advantage Diggs did not have. Do not expect that to be the order at that position in, oh, about a week. Prospect of playing time: Not good.

Whittington is over at corner, behind starter Dexter McDougle, future all-conference wunderkind A.J. Hendy, and talented redshirt freshman Makinton Dorleant. Yeesh. Prospect of playing time: Even worse.

Tucker is at defensive end, behind 50-time all-conference selection Joe Vellano, uber-talented Isaiah Ross, and the extremely-hyped Quinton Jefferson. Tucker does have the advantage of being an actual recruit, so he'll likely redshirt and play in the future. Prospect of playing time: Terrible for this year, promising for the future.

Magistro is at kicker, where Maryland still somehow has Nick Ferrara, and Michael Tart is a capable back-up. Not looking good. Prospect of playing time: About the same as an ACC title.

Christian Carpenter! The one we know the least about! He'll be our walk-on savior. He's the immediate back-up to Greg Parcher at long-snapper, who is also the back-up holder to Michael Tart. So all that needs to happen is Parcher, Tart, or Ferrara struggle or become unavailable for Carpenter to be the starting long snapper. Prospect of playing time: Meh!

Up Next:

Our next player's high school coach was a former ACC wideout who caught one pass for the Eagles.

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