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Maryland Minute 7.19.12 - Baseball Finds a Manager, Kevin Anderson Reiterates Stay

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Baseball America on John Szefc, Maryland's new skipper
A day late, but I wanted to see what someone baseball-y would have to say on it. Sounds like an anti-Bakich:

With a cash-strapped athletic department, Maryland isn't an easy place to win, as its facilities and operating budget lag way behind the ACC's powers. But Bakich recruited well and left a solid foundation in place for Szefc to work with. And Szefc has proven he knows how to win, even with modest resources.

That might be the next step, actually. Bakich has legitimized the name of the program and made it a hot enough destination to make recruiting appreciably easier. Now's time for the nitty-gritty coaching acumen, ensuring a steady ship and dragging Maryland into the postseason, making the job look even more appealing for the next time the gig opens up (as it surely will, if Szefc has any measure of success).

But then I'm not a baseball guy, and it seems most Maryland baseball guys are unenthused at best.

Kevin Anderson talks more on Maryland, Stanford rumors
He went on the Junkies today and had some noteworthy things to say about Edsall, cutting sports, and of course the Stanford rumors. The money quote:

Anderson was then asked if he would see out his contract, which runs through 2015. His response: "I believe that if you want to bet on it, you'll win the money."

Alright then, that's a fun comments debate topic. What say you: does Anderson live out his term? (And getting fired does count as "not living out his contract.")

2012 Maryland Football Preview: Ironman Football And The Benefit Of The Doubt -
Must-read stuff if you're a fan of Bill Connelly and Football Outsiders. And not entirely pessimistic, either. The early games are winnable enough, assuming things gel together with two new schemes. Which is of course far from guaranteed.

Aaron Harrison, Roddy Peters shine at UA Summer Jam
We know Aaron can fill it, so I'm much more interested in Peters:

Did not get a full game look at Peters, but the stretches that we watched showed true dominance. Peters scores with ease over and around defenders. Does it all with the ball in his hands. He can post-up with his size and strength. He plays with energy on both sides of the ball and has shown the ability to impact a game as much defensively as with his scoring. He attacks the basket with reckless abandon and seems to take a pounding that would be hard to get up from.

Sounds nice. I do wonder how high he can go in the rankings. Top-50 material?

IMS: After landing Terps offer, what's next for Roddy Peters? - Baltimore Sun
In keeping with the Peters theme, here's the IMS freebie o' the week, via the Sun as ever. It sounds like Peters wants to take it slow and see if he can't wrangle up any bigger offers. Which could very well be code for "I want to make sure the Harrisons don't commit there first." Will be interesting to see what happens there.

More on Jacobs' OSU commitment

"It was a hard decision between them and Maryland because Maryland is a great place to be also," Jacobs said. "I felt as though Ohio State was where I needed to be to help them out. That was my dream school since I was a young kid."=

Ah, the old "it's my dream school" line. Funny how that never seems to work for Maryland. Still, no hard feelings; Jacobs remains one of my favorite recruits in this class, and I do hope he finds the field often in Columbus. And if he doesn't, I hope he realizes that quickly and decides to transfer back here. Hey, it worked with Antwine Perez and Adrian Coxson.

Dalonte Hill fined $500 for DUI
Not by the school, by the court. The school already suspended him a few games and I'm sure they'll handle anything else they want to do with it. Hopefully this is finished.