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Maryland Minute 6.7.12: Layman Stars at USA Tryouts, Harrisons Deciding in Fall

This guy always knew Layman was the real deal. The Double Fister is all-powerful.
This guy always knew Layman was the real deal. The Double Fister is all-powerful.

I've been incognito for the past few days, I know, but I should be back and on a regular schedule now. Did I miss any hilarious comments and/or flame wars? Catch me up in the comments.


Harrisons Still Looking to Decide Early - Zags
A confirmation of what we heard earlier, with a tip o' the hat to cdm in the FanPosts. Sounds like they'll likely do it in October. Which seems forever away right now. They're also "listing" SMU, which even Papa Harrison seems to admit is merely a courtesy. Apparently they have unfinalized the visit dates, though, so we'll have to wait to see with that.

DX on the USA U18 tryouts: Harrisons, Layman stand out
Jonathan Givony, one of the best internet scouts there is, reports on the USA Basketball U-18 tryouts. Sounds like Andrew Harrison was clearly a standout, but he raises a concern I've had for about a year now: the body language is a real concern. And yeah, that's nitpicky, but when someone is that talented a weakness really does stick out like a sore thumb.

And on Layman: he's "an athletic super-sized small forward" with a "picture-perfect stroke." That sounds mighty fine to me.

He predicts Layman and both the Harrisons (along with Jerami Grant, which I found interesting) will make the squad. If so, I'm absolutely delighted. Tickled pink. That will delay him getting on campus, but the long-term benefits of the experience will be significant.

And an earlier DX tweet on Layman: "great get for Maryland"
Anyone else getting/confirming that feeling that Layman will be the best of the incoming class?

And he had the highlight of the day
"The highlight of the day belonged to Jake Layman whose And 1 dunk stole the show." I still don't associate "Layman" with "highlight reel" but that's definitely in his repertoire. Video will hopefully be forthcoming.

Maryland-Temple: Kickoff at noon, on ESPNU
How this game gets near the Worldwide Leader, I'll never know*, but I won't complain. Television for the win.

*Actually, I do know: noon game. Which means its competition will be games like Clemson-Ball St. and Duke-Stanford. I mean, the ABC slot went to UVA-Penn State, for Juan's sake. No, I don't know why this is relevant.

The Last Word with former Maryland punt returner Tony Logan
As always, the attraction here is to see what the seniors have to say about the Friedgen/Edsall dynamic. Logan is classy about it, as the majority have been.

Four Terps (and three recruits) selected in the MLB draft
Shortstop Alfredo Rodriguez is the headliner, heading to Milwaukee in the 17th round. They selected him last year as well in the 32nd, so clearly they're a fan. As for the signees: they came in the 23rd, 33rd, and 40th rounds, all of which are borderline with a good chance of coming to College Park instead. At least one has already decided to do so.