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Yet Another Local Commitment for Maryland Football: Running Back Legacy Richie Anderson

Been good a week, Randy.
Been good a week, Randy.

Musta been that new turf design that pushed him over the top. Via IMS:

And as IMS points out in that tweet, he is indeed that Richie Anderson. I'm wondering if we can somehow get both Anderson Sr. and Cassell Sr. on campus at the same time. The late-90s/early-aughts awesomeness of it all would be breathtaking.

Anyway, Anderson the Younger is a three-star across the board, and 247's #34 all-purpose back and Rivals' #20. He's not big (5-11, 180) but has decent enough size to withstand playing as a traditional tail back, though with his quickness the slot will also be an option. Highlight video below, for those of that persuasion:

First thoughts: he looks more productive than spectacular, but that's not a bad thing. He might lack a bit of top-end speed or elusivity, but he looks to have wonderful patience and vision and is fairly quick to the hole, especially when cutting back. Despite his relatively slight frame, he doesn't appear to have any qualms about lowering his shoulder. And he makes a few catches, as well, which is a good sign for his versatility - a must in a spread scheme. All in all, he's a bit reminiscent of another player's son, Davin Meggett.

This brings Maryland's haul to 10 on the year, with eight hailing from the state (and another from nearby Delaware). You basically have to recruit locally when you struggle anyway, but I appreciate how well the staff has done it. And getting a big guy out of Frederick, which is an increasingly rare occasion, is pretty nice as well.