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Maryland Minute - 06.18.12 - Football Recruiting Continues to Roll and Basketball Getting Pride Uniforms

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There is a large amount of stuff going on considering it's June. Between Rockin' Randy & Locks seemingly convincing every football recruit in the area to go to Maryland and the announcement that basketball is getting new uniforms this season, including a Pride version, things have been rather active the last few days.

Local focus in football recruiting pays off for Randy Edsall's Terps -

All that mattered to Mike Williams, a lineman from Archbishop Spalding, and DeAndre Lane, a record-setting running back from Catonsville, was that their hometown school selected them to be part of a potentially unprecedented turnaround built on local players.

Regardless of how you've felt about Edsall to this point, you have to tip your cap to him for higing Locksley and seemingly locking down the state, which was one of his goals when hired here at Maryland last season.

Mark Turgeon on Maryland basketball’s ‘Pride’ uniforms - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post
Basketball is getting new Pride Unis. Sounds like we'll know they're the pride ones, but they won't be as in your face as the football and other sports versions.

Catonsville running back DeAndre Lane discusses his Terps pledge -
Recent Maryland commit DeAndre Lane (RB, Catonsville) talks about his commitment to Maryland.

Stewart "Overjoyed" by Terps Offer
It's a premium article, but Rockin' Randy offered 2014 safety M.J. Stewart (Yorktown) on Saturday. You have to tip your cap to Locks, Edsall and the other staff - they're certainly doing their best to lock down the Pa-MD-DC area.

Schedule analysis: Maryland - ACC Blog - ESPN
Heather Dinich breaks down the Maryland football schedule. Definitely some things I don't agree with in here, but thought it was worth linking too anyway. I don't really believe in this defining stretch stuff. You define your season with how many wins and loses you have at the end. You could go 6-0 and then 0-6, but at the end you're still 6-6.

As one of the elite prospects in the Class of 2014, it comes as no surprise college coaches have punched in the number of Justin Jackson many times since 12:00. "Maryland was the first one to call at midnight," he said. Good to know Turgeon is both maintaining those connections down in Texas and getting after elite 2014 talents like Jackson.

Crime History: U.Md. star dies of cocaine use |
On June 19, 1986, 26 years ago, former Maryland All-American forward Len Bias died from a cocaine overdose less than 48 hours after being drafted by the Boston Celtics. The event forever altered the landscape of drug use in America and also sent the Maryland basketball program down a dark road until the arrival of Gary Williams in 1989. RIP Len.