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Football Commitments Keep Rolling In: Terps Snag Two More

Randy, breaking out the happy.
Randy, breaking out the happy.

We move north from doing work in D.C. to doing work in the general Baltimore area. Per Scout's Brian Dohn and half a dozen others:

Their names aren't as big as the weekend commitments of Derwin Gray and Yannick Ngakoue, but two commitments in quick succession is nothing to sneeze at, either. Williams is a three-star defensive lineman from Archbishop Spalding in Severn, also boasting an offer from Boston College. His frame is fantastic - listed as 6-5, 280 - which is almost the perfect size for a defensive end in Maryland's new 3-4. He could end up in the middle if he adds some weight, or even as an offensive tackle; I imagine that'll be dictated by need.

Lane, meanwhile, is a bit under the radar; a two-star running back or slot receiver, from Catonsville, his first and only offer came from Maryland and he appears to have pulled the trigger right away. He's a little fella at only 5-8 and 170, but he's clearly got top-end speed and a great change of pace. Maryland has shown absolutely no qualms about pursuing undersized players, which makes sense; these waterbug types can be hugely effective at this level if they're quick and elusive enough. With Mike Locksley's spread coming to town, players who are good in space (like Lane) are a necessity.

That rolls Maryland up to nine commitments (if you don't count Michael Parker), after standing at only four just a few days ago. This will be a sizable class, probably not a huge one but around at least 20 commitments when everything's wrapped up. Have to say, too, it's impossible to miss the local flavoring in the class at the moment: only two players are from outside the region, Jajuan Dulaney (from Georgia) and Jarrett Ross (Delaware). Everyone else is from Maryland or D.C., and that's indicative of the focus the staff is taking - a focus that, quite frankly, should've been around for the past decade. But hey, better late than never. Now, if they can put together a decent season they might be able to make a run at some of the other big names in the state.