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Maryland Minute - 5.30.12 - Maryland Makes Plans for Synthetic Turf at Byrd

Whatever they do to the field, I hope they keep the flag endzones.  (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Whatever they do to the field, I hope they keep the flag endzones. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
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Things have been a little slow lately news wise, so todays Maryland Minute is compiled from stories over the last several days. Enjoy.

Maryland makes plans for synthetic turf at Byrd Stadium -
We finally get some confirmation that they are indeed putting in the synthetic turf at Byrd. I hope they're also lowering the field so the first few rows of seats can actually see above the players on the sideline and thus actually let the school charge prime dollar for them. Seems like a rendering will be out in the coming weeks. Should be interesting to see that...

Edsall asks for patience from Terps fans, media
Maryland coach Randy Edsall has come under a wave of scrutiny but says his Terps are progressing. Someone did a fanpost about this that's gotten a lot of attention, so feel free to continue that discussion here.

Terps basketball team set to start practice Tuesday -
Apparently a new NCAA rule allows the basketball team to practice two hours per week over the eight-week summer period. Would love to get an update on how these go...

AN UNLIKELY JOURNEY - News - The Diamondback - University of Maryland
Nice summary of the men's lax season.

Maryland looking to rebound from back-to-back title-game losses -

Terps disappointed, but not discouraged by setbacks to Virginia in 2011 and Loyola in 2012

Baseball continues to improve in Bakich’s third season - The Diamondback - University of Maryland

Nice wrap up on the baseball team. They've come a long way since Bakich took over 3 seasons ago. They just missed the NCAA Tournament this year (they were the highest ranked RPI team to not make it). If they can improve their ACC standing next season, they'll be in good shape to make the NCAA Tourney, which really is amazing.