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Maryland Minute 5.24.12: Terps Gearing Up for Big Lacrosse Weekend

And hopefully this'll happen again.
And hopefully this'll happen again.

Kessenich: What We Learned During the NCAA Quarterfinals
I'm annoyed by Quint just as much as you are, but I wanted to highlight this:

Coach John Tillman devised a tremendous game-plan. Maryland did attack quickly on a few occasions, scoring before the Hopkins defense was set-up. The dozen or so stalling calls will lead to criticism from fans but providing a viewer-friendly product isn't his job description. Maryland has learned to finish games. They have developed a keen sense of identity and will bring emotional effort.

Like I said last week: Tillman is turning into a tournament coach. And I mean that in a good way. Maryland, being Maryland, will very nearly always be in the postseason anyway. And if he can be our Tom Izzo, well then by Juan I'm happy.

And so they meet again: Washington Examiner on Maryland-Northwestern rivalry...
In women's lacrosse, not in blogs. The Lady Terps will meet Northwestern for the third straight year in the postseason, in what is (I assume) turning into the game' premier rivalry, if it isn't already. (Again, could be totally wrong there.) Game's on ESPN3 on Friday at 8:00. Just don't go troll Sippin' on Purple this time, eh?

MLax: Five Terps Earn USILA All-America Honors
Jesse Bernhardt leads the way with a second-team selection. Joe Cummings, John Haus, Niko Amato, and Goran Murray all made honorable mention. Meanwhile: four Terps on the ladies' side made first-team, with another two second-teamers.

What if Paul Finebaum did a Lacrosse Radio Show - College Crosse
Heh. I'm in a lax state of mind and the concept is great, so I'm linking it.

Other, non-lacrosse sports post-jump, including some absolutely devastating news:

Arnold Richmond transferring to Shaw University
Young Kobe is gone. Just like that.


In practical terms, losing a walk-on guard isn't a big deal. But man, he was the walk-on guard, probably my favorite walk-on since ... Gini Chukura, maybe? This hurts. This hurts big.

Connor Lipinski, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you. You better stand next to a really tall guy humorously and have a nickname incorporating an NBA star. (Young D-Wade? Screw it, we're calling him Young D-Wade.)

ESPN releases new basketball rankings
Of note:

#3 - Andrew Harrison
#8 - Aaron Harrison
#24 - Jermaine Lawrence
#37 - Rysheed Jordan
#45 - Kris Jenkins
#69 - Kameron Williams
#77 - Rashawn Powell

Jordan's a bit low, but other than that no real complaints. Interesting to see Pookie that high.

Most important game: Maryland - ACC Blog - ESPN
Heather Dinich thinks Maryland's most important game is against Temple. I think I might agree. - Dave

Me: Never quite understood the "Most Important Game" thing that Dinich has going every year. Sure, Temple's the most important game if Maryland loses, because then Maryland will be awful again and the season won't matter. But if they win, suddenly the UConn game is crucial and easily more important, because beating Temple doesn't tell us that much. And I could go on for another 50 potential scenarios, or so. Just like how Miami was a program-changer ... until they got throttled in Byrd a few times. That said, if I had to pick out a game several months beforehand, yeah, it'd probably be that one.

Latest baseball bracketology: Maryland still just barely out
Not making the ACC Tournament might come back to hurt in a big way. That said: when was the last time Maryland baseball was mentioned in the same sentence as LSU? If I could "suffer the same fate" as LSU as an entire program, well, I'd suffer that.

(And as a side note, I know I'm supposed to care about the integrity of the process, but ... well, hopefully the NCAA has a little devil on its shoulder reminding it of how giving the spot to Maryland, as an up-and-coming program on the brink of true relevance, would change their fortunes as a program much more drastically than, I don't know, Vanderbilt or Tulane. I imagine college baseball isn't popular enough to be just fine with dead programs like Maryland circa 2007 littering the landscape.)

Maryland athletics partners with Maroon PR - The Sun
I have no real idea what this is about, and if someone with knowledge of the industry finds it interesting, feel free to share. But the final line caught my eye:

Maroon will help with media placement, branding, and coaches' media training.

Thank God someone finally did something. We're looking at you, Randy.