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Logan Aronhalt Transfers to Maryland, Will Be Eligible to Play Immediately


Albany guard Logan Aronhalt, who was one of the leaders in the America East conference in a number of categories, will reportedly transfer to Maryland and be eligible to play immediately, according to

Aronhalt, who just received his bachelors degree from Albany, will be eligible to play immediately using the "Russell WIlson" rule, as he's pursuing a Masters degree from Maryland. This obviously helps give Maryland some additional guard depth and fill the void from the Terrell Stoglin departure and Mychal Parker departure, but Aronhalt isn't a Stoglin clone in terms of his shooting ability or style. Aronhalt, who's 6'3", was the second leading scorer for Albany last season, averaging 13.8 ppg to go along with 4.3 rpg and 1 apg. He shot just over 35% from beyond the arc and made 89% of his free throws. After watching some video of him, he actually has some impressive ups and does a good bit of work in the paint. I'm not sure he'll be able to do that in the ACC, where he'll likely be facing much taller and athletic competition verses what he faced in the America East, but it's good to know that he can do that. He can also create his own shot off the dribble, but I'd expect him to contribute mainly from beyond the arc for Maryland next year and gradually add in other scoring methods.

A highlight video is below. I'm actually pretty impressed. I think he'll contribute immediately next season and I'm glad we added some needed guard depth.

Also, another impressive get by Turgeon that, as far as I can tell was under the radar. It will be interesting to see how this impacts 2013 in terms of recruiting. We'll have more on that later. Until then, enjoy and ponder what next season will look like.

Logan Aronhalt Highlight Video (via whizstats1240)