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Maryland Minute 5.17.12: Edsall Bowl Kickoff and TV Announced, Predictably Meh

I'm sorry. I simply couldn't resist.
I'm sorry. I simply couldn't resist.

Maryland-UConn Game Time Announced
It'll be a 12:30 kickoff on Saturday, Sept. 15 at Byrd. ACC Network* for those who get it, ESPN3 for those who don't. What disrespect by ESPN. This is the Edsall Bowl, people. I'm shocked - shocked! - it's not a primetime kickoff on ABC. If this isn't evidence of the ACC's inferior TV deal and proof that we absolutely must defect, I don't know what is.

Hey, at least now that we know the game time, everybody can go buy tickets. Right. Right?

'It Smells Like Gunpowder': Vernon Davis Is Offensive Minded
I'm sorry to have led with that. To counteract the meh-ness when it comes to Maryland-UConn football, here's a Vernon Davis / Marine Corps video that's as absurdly bad-ass as you'd expect from something involving Vernon Davis and the Marines. Enjoy.

And to count this as worthy as a lead link, some of it was filmed when he was back east training. So there. (Also: this way, you get another 150 seconds without having to face that something is being dubbed The Edsall Bowl. So stare at the awesomeness that is Cyborg.)

Relegation Simulation: Rewriting College Football History -
It's relegation week over at the Mothership, so Bill Connelly runs through seven years of what CFB would look like if the losers got bumped down a conference. Maryland basically became Middlesbrough, sadly enough. (Danny O'Brien was our Adam Johnson, except Wisconsin didn't massively overpay to never use him.) And yet, I can't help but feel it'd be worth it, just to watch Duke fight for their lives in the Colonial.

And now we're done with football links. I promise.

InsideMDSports: 2013 point guard RaShawn Powell wants to get to know Terps - Sun
I'm a Pookie fan and he seems to like Maryland, but says his contact with Maryland's staff has been waning as of late. Hmm. Growing confidence in landing one of Rysheed Jordan or the Harrisons? ...

Stanford Robinson of Paul VI Catholic picks Indiana
... Better hope so, because here's gone another target. The interest on both sides seemed to wane in recent weeks, actually. He'll do well at Indiana, but again it seemed like Maryland's staff picked up a bit of confidence in regards to its top targets. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself to keep up this unsustainable level of confidence.

The Last Word with former Maryland Terps center Berend Weijs - Sun
Ha. On Alex Len:

He’s a very nice guy, great kid. ... I was pretty close with him. Sometimes he conveniently doesn't speak English. I used to do that, too.

That's a great tactic. I wish I could pull that occasionally.

Anyway, I always really liked Berend. He seemed like a great kid and always looked like he was living a dream playing high-major basketball. Hope he can find success back in Europe.

Out with the old: Maryland is Turgeon's team now - Washington Times
It's been Turgeonified? Not the first time we've talked about this, but it's still interesting to see just how thorough this purge/exodus has been. Even the only two who remain seem to be distinctly Turgeon-esque. You knew he wanted to reshape the program in his image sooner or later; I guess it's a good thing, long-term at least, that it happened sooner. Now, we build.

Virginia Tech picks up transfer from UNC-W guard Adam Smith
Remember when Maryland played UNC-Wilmington and that little freshman guard who had the same name as the guy who wrote Wealth of Nations balled out for 23 points? Yeah, we'll be playing that guy several more times. Thought you'd like to know.

ESPN baseball bracketology: Maryland first team out
Eeeeeeeek. The loss to Virginia earlier tonight didn't help, but they only lost by a run and get two more cracks at it. They'll need some help to make the ACC Tournament, which would be a huge boost to their further postseason chances.

I'll say what I've said before: Bakich getting this program even to this level is pretty incredible, and it's night-and-day compared to what it's been for quite some time.