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Maryland Minute 04.02.12 - Kenny Tate is Staying at Linebacker

Hat tip to Ben B. and Pete for a lot of these links. Enjoy.

Maryland Football Spring Practice Notes: Kenny Tate Remains At LB, But Position Switches Abound
I'm not surprised, but I still would have liked to see him back at safety.

Next challenge for the Kentucky Wildcats? The new-look Maryland Terrapins
So that Maryland-Kentucky game just got a lot more appealing. Starting off the season against the defending national champs is going to be sweet.

Five intriguing teams to watch next college basketball season - Searching for Billy Edelin
Nick Fasulo of SB Nation's Searching for Billy Edelin listed the Terps as one of the five hand-picked "intriguing" teams in college basketball next year. NC State and Sean Miller's Arizona are also among the picks. - Pete

The Big Lead's early Top 25 for '12-'13 has Maryland ... at #13

This is extremely optimistic, but the Terps return a ton, and I’m expecting big leaps for Len and Howard.

I don't think TBL is particularly knowledgeable about CBB (or anything, in truth; I've never understood the point of a big-picture sports blog doing nitty-gritty analytical stuff like this) but hey, it's a big national media type saying Maryland is going to be good, so we'll talk about it. While I'm all for optimism, I pray fans don't get too attached to this type of thinking. Maryland has the chance to be very good next year, but a lot of stuff has to go right, and almost everything has to go right to be top-15 good. It's much more likely that this team is NCAA Tournament-good but not particularly close to top-25 good. -Ben B.

My take - Couldn't agree more with what Ben said. I think people really want Maryland to be good again, so I too fear that when people hear this, they'll want to run with it and hold next year's team to a standard that isn't really fair. But I do think they have the potential to be good. Top 15 good? That I'm not sure about.

John Calipari Is Not The Future -
Not strictly Maryland-related, but a good read on the CBB world at large. And I agree with it all. -Ben B.

Terrapin Timeout - Seth Allen Feature - YouTube
Great video feature on incoming freshman Seth Allen done by Josh Fendrick. Check it out.

Evan Smotrycz will visit Maryland
Sounds like Providence is the only other visit planned for the moment. Says he may visit Colorado after Providence and Maryland, but that's usually an "I'll visit if I don't like one of the first two" type of statement. -Ben B.

Gonzaga DB Devin Butler to announce college choice Wednesday
Three-star for the moment, but could easily get a fourth star with the offers he has. Has a supposed final five of Maryland, Penn State, Michigan, Notre Dame, and Northwestern. Maryland would be a surprise, but I've learned to not underestimate Locksley. -Ben B.

Meet the Recruit: Terps women's guard commitment Chloe Pavlech
Looking at Maryland women's basketball recruit Chloe Pavlech.