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The Crab 5 (or 5 of the Crab 6) via

  • Seth Allen- He impressed the hell out of me. He's one of those guards that never seems like he's out of control no matter how fast he's going. If you let him go to his left he will torch you. He plays with good poise and always seems to have his head up looking for teammates. His jump shot wasn't falling last night, but he has perfect form and you can tell is going to be a good shooter. Did a great job of staying in front of his man on D while not fouling. It was pretty evident why he was the first guy Turgeon locked up in this class. To be honest seeing him last night kind of made me lose all faith in rankings, the fact that he is not top 100 anywhere is absurd. I'm expecting him to start 15+ games next year and get major minutes at the PG position. It will be interesting to see what happens with Pe, but if he's not healthy for UK, Seth can handle the PG position.
  • Shaq- Shaq controlled the paint last night. All of his points came within 4 feet of the basket, he showed off a few nice post moves and grabbed a bunch of boards. He rebounds the ball with authority and leaves no doubt as to whose ball it is. It's clear that he's going to be able to sit in the paint and grab rebounds and hit short range shots all day. Shaq's play of the night for me was when he swatted a JA shot in the paint early in the game. Seemed like he put a little extra into that block as if to say this is what you get for bailing on us. He actually reminded me a lot of Jordan his freshman year, and if we can get that kind of production out of him next year I think you call that a success.
  • Charles Mitchell- Chuck seemed a little off last night. Even in warm-ups he was missing dunks off the back iron and even fell over once trying to throw it down. Regardless, the skill set is there. He's a load but he's quick on his feet and has soft hands. At one point he showed off a James Padgett-esque spin move in the paint and put it in and got fouled. At times he was a little out of control and turned it over but that will be fixed with time / coaching. With him it's going to be about finding a way to fit him in and get him shots he is comfortable with. The other thing with him is he's just the happiest guy ever. He was just having a great time last night cheering everyone on and getting to know his future teammates. He said he texted SCJ every single day since he decommitted and told him he needs to become a Terp. He's going to be a media and fan favorite from day 1 in CP. Gave some great quotes after the game on how excited he is and just has the infectious personality that people are going to love.
  • Sam Cassell Jr- Was cool to see him pick MD before the game, all his teammates were fired up for him and he was excited. On the court, SCJ is not shy. He loves shooting his fadeaway jumpshot from anywhere on the court. It's clear he's been able to get that shot off on anyone his whole high school career so he's comfortable shooting it. He's a little over reliant on that shot- even when guys were dunking in a pregame layup line, SCJ was taking fadeaway Js. At one point he caught fire and hit shots on 3 straight possesion, 2 threes and a tough baseline shot, but for the most part his shot wasn't really falling. Still, he has the height and skill set, it's just a matter of getting him to play within the offense, because 5-17 for 18 points isn't going to work for Turgeon anymore.
  • Damonte Dodd- DD has to grow into his body a little bit. Right now he's a little awkward, but the athleticism is there. He's not just a stand in the paint type guy, he can actually get out and run a little bit. He had a bunch of blocks, including one on a fast break where he tracked the guy and pinned it against the back board. Redshirt is probably what we will see from Dodd I would think, as the other big guys coming in are just more polished.

  • Non-MD Guys- Montrezl Harrell was probably the best player on the floor last night. That's not to say he'll have the best college career of anyone but he was just all over the place. Threw down probably 8 dunks many of which were highlight reel level. The guy is a beast. VT got a player in him. Joel James is a specimen but he is going to need some polishing before he really contributes for UNC. The two UVA kids were pretty non-descript. They are skilled but somewhat non-athletic (white). The little guard from Clemson can sky...he was throwing it down hard and is only 6'0.

The other thing that happened is for about 5 minutes in the 4th they played all 5 terps at once...Crowd breaks out into Let's Go Maryyyyland chants. Was a cool moment. I think they scored every trip down while playing with eachother. The other team scored most times down as well, but that's what you get in an all star game.

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