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Maryland Minute 4.18.12 - Kevin Anderson Speaks on the State of MD Athletics

Anderson waits for results after major overhaul at Maryland -
Interesting read on the state of Maryland Athletics through KA's eyes. I'm all for "doing things the right way" but if Edsall doesn't win in the next couple years, he's going to be gone...and Kevin Anderson might not be too far behind.

Does C.J. Leslie’s return make N.C. State the preseason favorite in the ACC? - The Dagger
In case you hadn't heard, C.J. Leslie's coming back, which has fully entrenched State as the ACC's media favorites and perhaps next year's trendy pick. And I'm not sure how I feel about that.

There's obviously talent down there - as much as they've ever had, probably. I have my doubts about Purvis, but I'm a fan of T.J. Warren and Lo Brown is a star. But ... they weren't exactly lacking talent last year, either, and they needed the conference's easiest schedule to sneak into the NCAAs with a weak bubble. If they draw a tougher six-seed than SDSU - like Florida (who was a 7) or Cincinnati, for example - or if they don't beat Georgetown, is anyone saying they're likely to win the ACC? Of course not. Win two games in March, and the previous five months are irrelevant. But they're the same team - talented, capable of beating anyone, and possessing of a few fatal flaws. Are they really going to show up every game in the conference and beat out a not-vintage-but-still-really-talented Carolina? I just don't see it. - Ben B.

Patrick Stevens' most recent lacrosse bracketology
For the laxbros among us: PS puts Maryland as the #3 seed, playing in Chester, Pa. against Syracuse. Would meet the winner of Notre Dame/Penn State in the second round. Two questions from a lax novice: they play lacrosse in Tyreke Evans/Bo Ryan Chester, Pa.? And seriously, what happened to Syracuse that they're not even seeded? Eek. - Ben B.

Men’s Lacrosse: Four Terps named All-ACC " Terrapin Trail
That's more than any other team in the ACC. Considering how much this team lost last year, it's been a pretty successful regular season. Of course, Tillman and Co. will likely be judged by how far they go in the Tournament.

Jalen Tabor wants to "build D.C. legacy"
I'm officially on Jalen Tabor burnout. I don't believe a word he says anymore. If you do, though, well, here he is talking about how he wants little kids in D.C. to say they "want to be like Tabor."

I'm fine with the swagger, I love the DMV love, but with, what, two and a half more years before he makes a decision, I don't think I have the stamina to keep up with this. - Ben B.

My Take: He's had lots of good things to say about Tennessee as well. We'll just have to wait and see on this one.

Meggett is focused on the NFL draft - CSN
Davin is great. So likable. After all, he owns my favorite sports quote ever: "Either you win or you don't. Either she's pregnant or she's not." Even when not making fantastic quotes, he's fun to listen to, knowledgable, and comfortable. - Ben B.

The second part of the Davin Meggett interview
I need one of those body language experts to decipher his face when the reporter asks "Friedgen or Edsall"?