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Maryland Picks Up Michigan Transfer Evan Smotrycz

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Maryland's basketball team has picked up another big man, as Michigan transfer Evan Smotrycz will head to College Park, via IMS and Smotrycz himself.

Smotrycz is a 6'9", 235 pound power forward who can stretch the court and hit threes. Last season, he scored 7.5 points and 4.8 rebounds per game, hitting 43.5% of his threes and 48.1% of his field goals. He's not great on defense and got into a bit of foul trouble, but he will add some variety to Maryland's big man game, joining Alex Len, Shaq Cleare, Ashton Pankey, Damonte Dodd, Jake Layman and Charles Mitchell as players 6'8" or taller for the 2013-14 season.

Smotrycz will have to sit out 2012-13 per NCAA rules, but should be a very nice addition in two years for a Maryland team that was looking for big man help and a consistent outside threat. He will have two years of eligibility left.

Because he won't play for another year, it's hard to imagine where he'll fit into the rotation - there are lots of freshmen coming in that we haven't been able to see yet - but he will assuredly be a part of that big man rotation. His ability to stretch out the floor is rare for a big man, and should give teams trouble as Maryland effectively plays that inside-outside game.

You'd have to think this was one of the main catalysts for the transfer of Mychal Parker, and it's hard to say this isn't an upgrade. Parker is a great athlete who had a lot of potential, but Smotrycz should come in and perform immediately after sitting out his transfer season.

Now we wait for Sam Cassell Jr. Happy Monday, folks.